Features [New Products]

3 hours ago

How’s Your Bikes’s Oil?

Did you know that Motorex makes specific engine oil for European and Japanese dirt bikes?

3 weeks ago

Product: Uni Filter – 2019 WR450F

Uni Filter has released their brand new O2Rush WR450F air filter to coincide with the 2019 bike’s launch.

3 weeks ago

Product: Ballard’s Mini Chain Breaker

Compact, strong, and maybe one of the most useful tools to have on a ride. So why don’t you have one yet?

3 weeks ago

Product: Just1 J38 Blade Helmet

We get our first up close and personal look at the new J38 Blade helmet from Just1 Racing. It’s only $100!

1 month ago

Product: Ballard’s Ultimate Tyre Levers

Welcome to a world where even the tyre levers are fancy. Check out Ballard’s latest creation here.

1 month ago

Ever Seen Freeriding in Iceland?

Freeriding Frother, Jimmy Hill, tears up Iceland’s streets and natural terrain in Shift’s latest edit.

2 months ago

Product: Ballards ISDE Mousse Levers

Let’s face it, those arms of yours aren’t going to get your mousse tubes in without a little extra help.

2 months ago

Product: Neken SFH Handlebar

Do you have small hands and need a thinner grip setup or like the idea of thick grips that aren’t bigger in size?

2 months ago

Product: Ballards Shock Preload Tool

Geoff Ballard has done it again. Adjusting the preload in your bikes rear shock just got a whole lot easier…

2 months ago

Shift LE 3LACK Label Navy/Gold

Sleek, subtle, and stylish. Just three points that stand out in Shift’s latest limited edition colourway.

2 months ago

Product: GET Smart SOS Hour Meter

A wireless system that works with your smartphone to notify your emergency contacts in the case of a crash.

3 months ago

Product: Atlas Air Neckbrace

The very popular Atlas neckbrace is back with an updated chassis and all-new colourways.

4 months ago

Product: Ballard’s Tyre Changer

It’s time to evolve. Stop straining your dinky little biceps with those tyre levers, get Ballard’s tyre changer.

4 months ago

Ballard’s Elbow Forearm Guards

Stop axing your un-protected elbows in the dirt and complaining to the wife how much it hurts. It’s not cool!

4 months ago

Fist Handwear: TP87 “Mullet” Glove

Australian brand Fist Handwear is back with Toby Price’s signature glove design, the “Mullet”. 

4 months ago

LE Alpinestars Battle Born Gear Set

Introducing Alpinestars’ 2019 Limited Edition Battle Born colourway. Inspired by MX’s golden era of the 1970s.