Features [New Products]

1 month ago

How-To: Ballard’s Off-Road MotoRak

“You can’t fit three bikes in the tub of your ute”. Yeah, well now you can and fit all the rest.

8 months ago

How-To: Ballards Brake Bleeder

Geoff Ballard of Ballards Off-Road runs us through how to use his flash new brake bleeder.

9 months ago

New Product: Ballard’s Moto Clinch

Say goodbye to strapping down your bike, say hello to Geoff Ballard’s new Moto Clinch.

9 months ago

Product: Ballard’s Tie-Down Straps

Can your tie-downs pull a three tonne excavator without busting? Ballard’s tie-downs can!

10 months ago

New Product: Michelin Anakee Adventure

“I don’t go bush enough to get an off-road tyre, but the road tyres can’t handle it when I do.” Here’s the answer.

10 months ago

What is WP’s new “XACT” suspension?

Insight into WP’s latest suspension components on the recently unveiled 2020 MX and XC models from KTM.

11 months ago

Product: Ballard’s Tie Wire Pliers

Have you ever been diagnosed with left-hand throttle disease? Well, here is the only way to cure it.

11 months ago

🎥 Product Insight: Motorex Joker 440

You can go crazy finding the best multipurpose spray for working on your bikes, so why not listen to the best?

12 months ago

Jimmy Hill Shreds the Streets of Mexico

Freerider Jimmy Hill is back! This time he’s taking on the streets of Mexico’s festive city of Guadalajara.

12 months ago

Product: Ballards ‘Guzzla’ Hydration Pack

Fit 2L of water plus all your favourite trail essentials in this Hydration Backpack by Ballard’s Off-Road.

12 months ago

How’s Your Bike’s Oil?

Did you know that Motorex makes specific engine oil for European and Japanese dirt bikes?

1 year ago

Product: Uni Filter – 2019 WR450F

Uni Filter has released their brand new O2Rush WR450F air filter to coincide with the 2019 bike’s launch.

1 year ago

Product: Ballard’s Mini Chain Breaker

Compact, strong, and maybe one of the most useful tools to have on a ride. So why don’t you have one yet?

1 year ago

Product: Just1 J38 Blade Helmet

We get our first up close and personal look at the new J38 Blade helmet from Just1 Racing. It’s only $100!

1 year ago

Product: Ballard’s Ultimate Tyre Levers

Welcome to a world where even the tyre levers are fancy. Check out Ballard’s latest creation here.

1 year ago

Ever Seen Freeriding in Iceland?

Freeriding Frother, Jimmy Hill, tears up Iceland’s streets and natural terrain in Shift’s latest edit.