New Product: Ballard’s Oversize Footpeg Pin Kit

10 months ago

If your bike’s footpeg mounts are flogged out, how do you fix the things? Well, most bike restoration guys have had no option but to weld up the footpegs and/or their frame mounts, and then re-drill the 10mm holes for the pins. Not only is this a time-consuming job; it’s also difficult to get the holes perfectly centred, and it rarely restores that new-bike feeling to the pegs.
Thankfully, the all-new Ballard’s Oversize Footpeg Pin Kit has made the job a whole lot quicker and easier. You simply drill out the 10mm pin holes (in the pegs’ frame mounts and in the pegs themselves) with the supplied 10.5mm drill bit, and then refit the footpegs using the 10.5mm stainless steel Ballard’s pins. This oversize pin kit is cleverly designed to fit a large cross-section of brands and year-models (the D-shaped pin-heads suit Hondas, but they still fit all other brands that use 10mm footpeg pins), while the washers/spacers allow you to effectively alter each pin’s length.

The kit comes with two 10.5mm stainless steel pins, a 10.5mm drill bit, split pins, and washers/spacers to shim the pegs into the optimal position on your bike. It’s sold with or without the drill bit.
RRP: $26.90 (with drill bit); $19.95 (without drill bit) // MXstore.

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