New Product: Ballard’s Boot Wash Stand

2 months ago

If there’s one item of gear that you can guarantee will get dirty during an off-road ride, it’s your boots, right? Which means moto boots typically need to be cleaned and/or washed more frequently than your other gear – your helmet, goggles or riding gear (if you’re a grub and like the idea of getting several wears from a set of gear before giving them a tub). But washing boots is no easy task. First, most boot manufacturers recommend you caress them with warm soapy water, rather than pressure-wash them (which they claim wrecks the stitching). And then there’s the issue of how the hell you dry the things, without resorting to an elaborate set-up that involves your missus’ hair dryer, or stuffing mountains of newspaper inside them to help dry them out.

All of which is why the crew from Ballard’s recently released a new Boot Wash Stand. Simply slot your boots over each arm and them wash them any way you see fit. Sitting upside down means water won’t get inside the things, and they can be left there to dry for a day or two. Made from steel, the stand is strong but lightweight, and a cost-effective way to help you properly look after your expensive pair of moto kicks. The T-bar shaped cross-member makes the entire stand easy to pick up, plus it comes with a couple of pegs that are useful for drying a set of wet gloves or goggles. Available in black only.

RRP: $50 // MXstore

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