New Product: XTread MXE-24 Tyres

8 months ago

Here’s MXstore’s take on their all-new range of XTread tyres:

XTread’s MXE-24 tyres have been designed to offer riders the best in performance and durability for soft to intermediate-type conditions, and from motocross to enduro (hence the “MXE” with the “MX” being for MX and “E” to represent Enduro).

The 80/100-21 front has had a lot of design emphasis put into the centre carcass strength for fewer punctures, yet softer sidewalls to allow more feel and less harshness in cornering. Side knobs feature both a concave and convex block design to increase the surface area for better feel on side control in cornering. Aiding this is a select compound and bridged side knob design, which helps prevent the breaking off of those side knobs (something that happens too frequently with many front tyres). The durability of this tyre is just one of its strengths, but above all it will be the grip in braking and cornering that we feel will impress you the most.
This 110/100-18 rear also incorporates centre recess carcass technology to aid in the overall depth of the bite in softer terrain without affecting knob strength, plus helping reduce tyre weight.

Both front and rear tyres come with DOT approval. The front is directional – it has a “Disc Side” marking to lessen the confusion when changing your tyre – while the rear uses an ‘Either Direction’ symmetrical design so it can be reversed (and is just one less thing to consider when changing hoops).


$74.95 (80/100-21 front)
$94.95 (110/100-18 rear)
$169.90 (80/100-21 front & 110/100-18 rear)
$169.90 (80/100-21 front & 110/90-19 rear)

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