New Product: Ballard’s Ultimate Tyre Levers (Type 2)

3 weeks ago

If you’ve changed a few tyres in your day, then you’ll be well aware that not all tyre levers are made equal. High-quality, well-designed levers are worth their weight in gold because they last forever and make the job of changing tyres a damn sight easier. Crap levers, on the other hand, tend to break if you use a bit of elbow grease, get jammed between tyre and rim, or leave you with skinned and bleeding knuckles. Or all of the above!

If there’s one bloke on the planet for whom changing tyres is virtually an art form, it’s Geoff Ballard – one of Australia’s most decorated enduro pilots who spends much of his time these days developing products for the business that Ballard’s Offroad joined forces with a few years back, MXstore. These new and improved Type 2 Ballard’s Ultimate Tyre Levers are the refined product of years of tyre-changing experience – from GB himself, and a host of top ISDE riders he’s raced alongside and/or managed.

The levers come with expertly shaped tips that are designed to slide into and out of those tricky pressure spots between the tyre bead and wheel rim, while their palm-ends come with handy 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 17mm hex-heads to save you from having to carry too many tools in your bumbag. This latest iteration of the Ultimate Tyre Levers even gets some lightening slots, plus it’s designed to work in conjunction with the Ballard’s Mini Offroad Chain Breaker.

RRP: $26.95/pair // MXstore

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