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Unlock your new-generation, fuel-injected two-stroke with GET’s ground-breaking new SX1 PRO 2T ECU.

Last month, we revealed that Italian company, GET (the world’s leading aftermarket Engine Control Unit manufacturer) had launched an all-new, innovative SX1 PRO ECU range – designed as a plug-and-play replacement ECU for new-generation EFI machines. And what seemed to attract our audience’s attention the most was that this new range includes replacement ECUs for the new-gen, fuel-injected two-strokes. Yes, GET is the first electronics brand to offer a complete replacement ECU for the latest generation of fuel-injected two-stroke engines introduced to the KTM group’s brands (KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS) in 2023 and 2024.

But how has GET’s new replacement 2T Engine Control Unit (ECU) managed to upstage the motorcycle manufacturers’ own ECUs? Is the GET ECU genuinely a plug-and-play product? What sort of performance gains will it deliver? And how tech-savvy do you need to be to install and adjust the GET ECU on your new-gen, fuel-injected two-stroke dirt bike? Let’s address those frequently asked questions one at a time…

How can it be that an Italian electronics company can produce aftermarket two-stroke ECUs that upstage what the manufacturers make for their own bikes?
To comply with global emissions regulations, OEM manufacturers adjust and set their motorcycles’ ECU parameters to meet certain standards. And as a result, the motorcycles’ engines are often tuned for lower emissions rather than maximum engine performance.

What is GET’s solution?
The GET SX1 PRO 2T ECUis professionally tuned to maximise engine performance for specific models and instantly unlocks the full potential of your stock fuel-injected two-stroke engine. GET is the first electronic brand to offer a complete replacement Engine Control Unit (ECU) for the latest generation two-stroke injection engines introduced by KTM, GASGAS and Husqvarna.

What steps has GET taken to produce the SX1 PRO?
GET is a brand trusted by many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and strongly involved in the OEM market by offering a complete service of both electronic software and hardware solutions. It’s through these partnerships that GET has developed, tested and verified product performance. GET boasts an experienced team of engineers and technicians who’ve devoted their time to ensure performance and reliability of the all-new SX1 PRO 2T ECU. To tune the latest generation two-stroke injection engines, GET engineers programmed multiple ECU parameters to optimise performance across the entire power curve. This results in two pre-loaded maps for instant plug-and-play performance gains.

Are the maps different across models – for the 300EXC TBI versus TC125, for example?
Yes, each SX1 PRO 2T ECU offers two bespoke map selections that have been developed extensively to suit each make and model.

What are the two pre-installed maps?
Map 1 (“Racing”) is configured for full power while Map 2 (“Wet”) is configured for smooth power delivery in wet and slippery conditions. Unique to the SX1 is the ability to switch between Map 1 and Map 2 on the fly using the SX1 Handlebar Controller.

How does the SX1 PRO 2T ECU actually improve my new two-stroke?
Unique to the new-generation two-stroke injection models is the ability to adjust the exhaust valve position electronically. Using real-time throttle position and engine data, the GET SX1 PRO 2T ECU manages the exhaust valve to regulate exhaust flow, increasing or decreasing back-pressure to improve torque and top-end horsepower where required. At the same time, the GET SX1 PRO 2T ECU manages a symphony of fuel and oil injection timing in real-time based on throttle position, intake air temperature and engine temperature to ensure optimised combustion and reliability thanks to accurate engine lubrication.

How does the SX1 PRO ECU communicate with my motorcycle?
GET stepped up the game by introducing the STM 32-BIT electronic chipset into the SX1 PRO ECU, which provides extremely fast processing speeds of real-time data. Full CAN-bus communication protocol enables instant, uninterrupted communication between your motorcycle and devices. The ECU will communicate with your device even in noisy environments – meaning you’re able to view live data on your device while the motorcycle is running and stationary.

Can I accidently tune my engine to unsafe levels?
The WiGET device app is designed to allow you to adjust the engine settings and other performance parameters easily and conveniently. Parameters within the app are pre-set and won’t allow you to unsafely tune your motorcycle. GET engineers and technicians created pre-set configurations, which are tested for safe operation. The app restricts the range of adjustment within these parameters to prevent users from making extreme changes that could damage the engine. And the WiGET app provides real-time data monitoring (when stationary), allowing you to see the impact of your adjustments immediately.

What about GET’s claims that their new ECUs allow me to extract more from other modifications I make to my bike?
According to GET, “Upgrading to a GET engine control unit should be the first performance upgrade you consider because it offers a foundation that amplifies the effectiveness of other performance upgrades. Hence, starting with an ECU upgrade will instantly improve performance and help extract more from additional modifications.” In other words, the overall performance gains created by things such as adding a Powerflow Kit to increase airflow, increasing compression, or changing gearing ratios to suit riding conditions is all amplified by the GET SX1 PRO 2T ECU. And that’s got to make GET’s ECUs well placed to take over from pipes as consumers’ first engine performance purchase.

How much is a GET SX1 PRO ECU? And what’s included?
The GET SX1 PRO 2T ECU retails for $1499.95 AUD, which includes the super-trick SX1 Handlebar Controller, SX1 Connect (WiFi) and WiGET application. They’re available for all new-generation fuel-injected models.

Where do I find more information about GET’s new range of ECUs and smart tools?
Check out A1 Accessory Imports’ website. A1 is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of GET ECUs and performance accessories range.

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