🎥 Product Breakdown: Fox V3 Helmet

7 months ago | Photos: Jarrad Duffy

Safety features and the way crashes are managed has been a key focal point for top-of-the-line moto helmets over the past few years. Helmet technology is going through a boom with all of the top manufacturers battling it out to have the safest, most comfortable and stylish lid. We have seen Swedish helmet technology producer, MIPS, dominate the market with their innovative system that’s used by a shedload of medium to high-end helmets. And we have seen companies branch out and create their own rotational management systems over the years. Well, there’s another new player in the safety system market – Fluid Brain Science’s ‘Fluid Inside’ technology combined with Fox’s MCT (Multi Composite Technology) in Fox’s new-from-the-ground-up V3 Helmet. This new Fox lid not only looks impressive on the outside, but you have got to dive deeper than its exterior to see where it really shines.
Here’s the product breakdown from Fox’s MX Category Manager, Jeff Sagud…

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