New Product: Michelin Anakee Adventure

1 year ago

The new Michelin Anakee Adventure joins the French firm’s Trail Range alongside the existing Michelin Road 5 Trail (for 100% road use) and Michelin Anakee Wild (50% road/50% off-road). This latest addition to the range, which is designed for 80% road use and 20% track/trail use, means it now covers an even wider spectrum of trail riders’ needs depending on how frequently they take their motorcycle off-road. Here’s the offical news from Michelin…


  • The new Anakee Adventure stands out notably for its grip on wet roads, which is due to its new generation silica-enhanced compound. It also combines outstanding performance in dry weather with stability and resistance to wear thanks to two Michelin-patented technologies:
  • Michelin Dual Compound 2CT and Michelin Dual Compound 2CT+.
  • Meanwhile, its new, open tread pattern provides the necessary traction when straying onto unsealed tracks and trails.

  • In addition to the 2CT/2CT+ technology it packs and the optimised land-to-sea ratio of its tread pattern, the Michelin Anakee Adventure features two new all-silica compounds which provide a combination of optimised stability at higher speeds and a level of agility that is sure to satisfy the most exacting riders.

  • Although the tread pattern of the Michelin Anakee Adventure is very open, its sea-to-land ratio has been optimised to deliver excellent performance whatever the conditions. The crown features a more compact pattern to ensure outstanding straight-line stability at higher speeds, while the grooves gradually widen towards the shoulders to increase the Michelin Anakee Adventure’s water clearance capacity at different angles of lean for superior performance on wet roads.
  • Last but by no means least, the Michelin Anakee Adventure’s tread pattern is grooved across the entire crown to boost rider confidence and enhance ride comfort.

Price & Availability

The Michelin Anakee Adventure tyre comes in a range of different sizes to suit your bike (refer to the size chart below). Click here to roll into your nearest Michelin dealer, and roll out on some new Anakee Adventure’s.

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