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2 years ago | Words: Grant O'Brian, Michelin | Photos: Michelin

When Michelin released their new Starcross 5 range of tyres two years ago it was the most significant upgrade to their non-FIM spec range in many years. Replacing the Starcross 3 and 4, the much-improved aggressive tread pattern of the Starcross 5 was received with high praise from riders of all levels.

Following on from the success of the Starcross 5 range Michelin has developed a new FIM-spec tyre named Enduro that comes in a choice of medium and hard versions. They are developed to be more streamlined and cover a wider variety of terrain, and they supersede the former popular Competition range of tyres that included the 3, 4, 6 and SM tyre.

The development of the new Michelin Enduro range – which involved experts Mathias Bellino, Julien Gauthier and Emmanuel Albepart, over a four year period – put the latest tyres through their paces in extreme conditions and benefited from input from some of the sport’s top riders to ensure they meet the needs of all users, however demanding.


  • Upgraded grip and enhanced shock absorbing capacity compared with its predecessor
  • Designed specifically for off-road use
  • New tread pattern
  • 15 percent more durable
  • Compatibility with a Bib Mousse has been improved

Rider Feedback:

Pascal RAUCHENECKER (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing): “Michelin’s new medium-compound Enduro tyre marks a big step forward, especially on slippery and stony ground where it gives you more grip and traction. It provides you with the stability and response you need to go where you want to be.”

Antti HELLSTEN (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing): “The new medium rear Michelin Enduro has a lot of comfort and flex which both contribute to rear shock absorbing. I feel confident with this new tyre.”

Mathias BELLINO (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing): “The front is a tremendous new recruit! Personally, I always fit the Michelin Enduro Competition 6, which is a tyre I particularly appreciate, especially when riding over exposed roots and stones, etc. Until now, though, I lacked an alternative for drier, clearer terrain. The new medium fills that gap perfectly.” “As far as the rear is concerned, Michelin has a really great tyre, which genuinely covers all types of conditions, from dry to muddy and grippy, etc. Its one small shortcoming, though, is over wet stones and bedrock. The new tyre Michelin has developed covers exactly this sort of situation, giving excellent grip on stones and exposed roots in damp weather.”

The Michelin Enduro medium front tyre has landed on our shores and retails for $129.95. Gas Imports tells us the Enduro hard front and medium rear will be available soon. Check out their website for more information as it drops: http://gasimports.com.au/brands/michelin/

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