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Bikes: 2018 Gas Gas Enduro GP

1 year ago

Gas Gas isn’t a new player in the world of off-road motorcycles. Since the Spanish company’s inception into the market in 1985, they have been making quality trials and enduro models. You might not have seen or ridden a Gasser in a while, but that’s all about to change because they have re-entered the market with some very impressive machines. For 2018, Gas Gas has stepped up their game, producing all-new enduro EC300s and cross-country XC300s and lucky for us, we got the chance to throw a leg over the new machines back in October. But now Gas Gas has launched these tricked up versions of these new machines. Here is the official information from Gas Gas Australia…

Gas Gas proudly presents its new GP range with arguably the highest specifications in a European enduro two-stroke model ever offered to the public. A special, exclusive model inspired by the official Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team motorcycles used in the World Championship, the toughest competition.

Setting a new benchmark by Gas Gas, the Enduro GP incorporates a long list of new specifications and components, whilst showing off a new look. Decidedly ‘Factory Racing’ characteristics are shared both inside and outside. A high-performance engine receives a new high-performance cylinder head to achieve greater power delivery for the most demanding riders.

The new Gas Gas Enduro GP has a new clutch cover and basket from the Rekluse company for an increased efficiency and cooling performance. The exclusiveness of this model is evident in its smallest details, at a visual level and even regarding the sound for two-stroke lovers, with a complete exhaust system developed by FMF especially engineered for the Gas Gas range.

To stay true as an authentic high-end competition bike, Gas Gas have included an endless number of components from the new ‘Factory Racing’ product line, which was recently introduced by Gas Gas on the launch of the incredible GP 2018. The Kayaba twin chamber forks, a symbol of the brand’s new generation of enduro, introduce in this special edition a new antifriction treatment in black (DLC coating) guaranteeing a boost in performance and to give even more confidence for the rider adapting to any terrain.

Whats more, a greater steering sensitivity, grip, lightness and comfort on the front end has been achieved, with the help of new red anodized machined X-Trig triple clamps, machined handlebar clamps, new grips and sturdy Renthal 997 handlebars.

In addition to the long list of new features added to the front end is a new axle puller for easier wheel removal and a floating front disc to improve feel and increase braking power.

Key Features:

  • Kayaba ‘Factory Racing’ twin chamber forks incorporating a new black antifriction treatment (DLC coating) guaranteeing perfect feedback for the rider on any type of terrain
  • Cylinder head with a new combustion chamber for greater torque and more precise response for the most demanding riders
  • Rekluse clutch cover and housing for increased efficiency, cooling and strength

  • X-Trig machined red anodized triple clamps. They give a greater feeling in the front end and a reduction in weight.
  • Complete FMF exhaust system – Gas Gas EnduroGP
  • Renthal 997 handlebar and Renthal grips give greater feel and comfort to the rider
  • New machined handlebar clamps give a greater firmness and strength to the handlebar mounting system

  • Front wheel axle handle for quicker and easier removal
  • Floating front brake disc for increased performance and improved front brake feel

  • Black spokes
  • EnduroGP seat for extra grip. Exclusive factory racing team colour scheme
  • Exclusive EnduroGP red plastics and graphics
  • Black anodized aluminium rear sprocket

The striking appearance of the GP reflects the 100% ‘Factory Racing’ spirit of the new 2018 models, with the spectacular design of its new plastics and graphics, a faithful replica of its GP motorcycles. The new Enduro GP adopts the colour black for its spokes and on its anodized aluminium rear sprocket, highlighting its competition aesthetics which is completed with a new racing gripper seat, the same as used by the Gas Gas riders in the World Championship, offering greater grip and safety.

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