Beta Announces 2020 ‘Racing’ Model Pricing

8 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Beta Motorcycles

A couple of months back, Beta first released images of its 2020 RR ‘Racing’ models – the up-specced machines that the Italian manufacturer has referred to as the “race-ready version of its new-generation Beta Enduro range”. But what special components do they come with? And what do they cost?
Well, the crew from Beta Motorcycles Australia has now confirmed the component spec and pricing for the seven new models in the 2020 RR Racing family: 125, 250, 300cc two-strokes, and 350, 390, 430 and 480cc four-strokes.
Compared with their ‘standard’ RR model counterparts, the RR Racing models get:

  • Kayaba AOS 48mm close-cartridge USD fork – this is the product of a collaboration between Beta and Kayaba and comes with anodised internals, a new fork shoe design, 0.5kg weight saving, and a unique calibration that’s reserved for these Beta Racing models.
  • ZF shock absorber with 46mm reservoir – it’s the same shock as what’s used on the RR models, but comes with some different internals and more race-oriented settings.
  • Black-anodised triple clamps.
  • Premixed fuel – the oil reservoir used by the RR250 and RR300 two-strokes has been dumped for the Racing machines to save weight.
  • Racing seat with document pocket.
  • Quick-release front axle.
  • Vertigo hand guards.
  • Metzeler Six Days tyres.
  • Black CNC footrests.
  • Durable Rear sprocket – comes with anodised aluminum core and steel teeth to combine lightness and durability.
  • Red CNC chain-tensioner blocks.
  • Black-anodised shift/brake levers.
  • Red-anodised alloy components – the transmission oil cap and engine oil filter cap.
  • Racing graphics.
  • Red rim stickers.

Okay, so what sort of premium is Beta asking for those extras? As the table below demonstrates, Beta’s Racing models cost $1500 to $1700 more than their ‘standard’ RR counterparts. Which is not a big premium, especially if you were sold the second you saw a ‘Kayaba AOS closed-cartridge 48mm USD fork’ on the Racing models’ itemised parts list!
According to Beta Motorcycles Australia’s Patrick Lowry, however, anyone in the market for one of Beta’s 2020 Racing machines may have to be patient. “At the moment, we’ve got a lot more orders for our Racing models than we’ve seen in the past and are working to secure additional stocks to satisfy the increase in demand,” Lowry told Transmoto. “The increase in sales is based largely on the fact people seem to go for the KYB closed-cartridge forks they all come with. The Racing models start to arrive in Australia in January, and the first few shipments are already accounted for by customers who’ve pre-purchased them.”
Note also the pricing tables confirm that Beta’s RR models have seen a $500 to $700 price increase for 2020, while its Racing models are between $800 and $1200 dearer for 2020.
And to help put Beta’s 2020 price structure in context, we’ve also included a table that compares the RRPs of Beta’s RR and Racing models against the equivalent EXC and Six Days models from KTM.
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