4 weeks ago

2021 Beta RR ‘Racing’ Models: Unveiled!

Beta unveils its eight-model, up-specced 2021 RR Racing model range, which now includes a 200cc two-dinger.

2 months ago

2021 Beta: Trial (Evo) Bike Updates

Like their enduro cousins, Beta’s trial bikes have also copped a bunch of notable upgrades in recent years.

6 months ago

Bike Dissected: Brad Freeman’s Custom Beta RR300

This is one wild two-stroke. For example, it’s got two spark plugs, factory engine and a prototype exhaust.

6 months ago

Tested: 2020 Beta X-Trainer 300 vs. RR300

We put Beta’s two biggest-selling models head-to-head to find out what bike suits you.

7 months ago

Tested: Beta’s 2020 RR Two-Strokes

So, you like the look of Beta’s all-new RR two-stroke enduro range, but what model do you choose?

7 months ago

Tested: Beta’s 2020 RR Range – Geoff Ballard’s Take

You can’t buy experience, especially the kind Geoff Ballard has. Hear what he thought of Beta’s 2020 range.

8 months ago

Tested: Beta’s 2020 RR Four-Strokes

So, you like the look of Beta’s all-new RR four-stroke enduro range, but what model do you choose? Let us help.

9 months ago

Beta’s World Enduro Line-Up

Beta confirms a stellar Factory Enduro Team line-up – Steve Holcombe, Brad Freeman and Benjamin Herrera.

11 months ago

Beta’s 2020 X-Trainer 300 2T

Beta’s 300cc two-stroke X-Trainer proves that rideability is often valued above straight-up performance.

11 months ago

2020 Beta: Eight-Model Smorgasbord

Why does Beta produce eight models? And which is likely to be the ‘perfect fit’ for you? We investigate…

11 months ago

Beta Announces 2020 ‘Racing’ Model Pricing

Beta Motorcycles Australia reveals the trick parts and pricing for its seven up-specced 2020 ‘Racing’ models.

12 months ago

Beta Motorcycles: The Strategy in Oz

Spearheaded by eight all-new, sharply priced 2020 models, Beta has ambitious growth plans for Oz.

12 months ago

🎥 First Impression: Beta’s 2020 RR Range

What’s their component spec like? How do they perform? What are they like to work on? And what do they cost?

12 months ago

Tested: Beta’s 2020 Enduro Range

Here’s what we learned about Beta’s new-generation 2020 enduro models at the bikes’ recent media launch.

1 year ago

2020 Beta Models: The Upgrades

All eight models in Beta’s new-generation 2020 RR range get all-new engines, chassis and bodywork.

1 year ago

Beta’s Enduro GP World Championship

Beta’s Brad Freeman and Steve Holcombe both celebrate 2019 EnduroGP title wins.