2T EFI’s Next Stop: MX & XC Models

3 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: KTM Images/Mitterbauer H, M. Campelli

For the past decade, Bernhard Plazotta has overseen the R&D program for the KTM Group’s off-road models, meaning he knows these machines – past, present and future – as well as anyone. So, after last year’s international media launches for KTM’s and Husqvarna’s all-new 250cc and 300cc two-stroke enduro models (which come with KTM’s patented Transfer Port Injection, or TPI, technology), we asked Plazotta to shed some light on the challenges of introducing fuel injection to these two-stroke machines. We also asked the likable Austrian to divulge what’s in the pipeline for KTM/Husky’s two-stroke off-road line-up and, more specifically, when the TPI technology will be fitted to KTM/Husky’s cross-country and motocross models.

“These 2018 TPI two-strokes represent one of our design team’s most important projects, so it’s only natural that people are already asking how this two-stroke injection technology will evolve and be applied in the years to come,” Plazotta says. “Our plan has always been to introduce this new system successfully on the 250 and 300cc enduro bikes, and then develop it for the smaller-capacity bikes – for our 125 and 150cc models. Following that, we will look at adapting the technology to the cross-country and motocross models. Also, as we transition from carb to TPI models, there will come a point when it does not make commercial sense for companies to continue producing small numbers of carburetors. And in the USA, there is a push (under their ‘Red Sticker’ regulations for competition bikes) to get rid of carbs altogether. So, in the next three to four years, I think fuel injection is inevitable for these other two-stroke models. Now that the two-strokes have the all-new EMS (Engine Management System), some people have also asked when traction control will be introduced to them. But we are not 100% certain that traction control will be of benefit to these bikes,” Plazotta went on to explain.

Stay tuned for developments.

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