2021 Beta: Trial (Evo) Bike Updates

4 weeks ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Beta Motorcycles Australia

Italian manufacturer, Beta, has been damn busy in recent years – with both their enduro (RR) and trial (Evo) models. On the enduro bike front, they released an all-new 200cc two-stroke in 2019, unveiled eight new-generation enduro models (four two-strokes and four four-strokes) in 2020, and then refined the range for 2021. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that Beta’s trial bike range – the machines that Beta has been historically best known for since the company was founded in 1905 – has seen similarly significant developments over the past few years.

So, seeing as we recently got our first glimpse of Beta’s 2021 Evo models at the Italian Trial Championship, let’s do a quick take-stock on how Beta’s trial models have evolved since 2019.


  • All engines received major updates. The cylinders got new exhaust port geometry, plus there were revisions to timing charts (two-strokes, except 125) and gear stopper cam (all two-strokes).
  • A new CDI control unit (two- and four-stroke) was fitted.
  • The four-stroke got a new throttle.


The 2020 EVO models saw further evolution, especially with component spec and ergonomics. Spearheading the changes were:

  • New front headlamp cowl and tank shell.
  • New mapping selector switch, which was moved from the front headlamp cowl to the new tank shell to make access and visibility easier (it also got a LED indicator light, making it much simpler to identify which map is selected).
  • New rear fender (which incorporated a new LED trailight).
  • A new, more progressive fork setting.
  • New anodised parts (gear-shift lever, rear brake pedal, engine head on two-strokes).
  • All two- and four-stroke engines (including the 300 SS) got revised timing curves to improve engine responsiveness and make the bike easier to ride at any RPM.
  • New graphics and colours.


  • As with its predecessors, Beta’s 2021 two-stroke Evo models remain available in four different engine sizes – 125, 250, 300 and 300SS (SS stands for “Super Smooth”, a bike designed to have a smoother character compared to the standard version). The four-stroke model, on the other hand, still only comes in the 300cc engine capacity, which is said to “provide an impeccable combination of performance and ease-of-use”, according to Beta.
  • Updates to carburetion for a more linear power output.
  • Revised suspension settings to improve their progressiveness.
  • Images from the recent Italian Trial Championship also confirm that the 2021 models will get a more aggressive and modern look with updated graphics on bodywork and rims.

According to Beta Australia’s Marketing Manager, Nic Gow, the 2021 Evo range will start arriving in Australian dealers in November. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

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