Transmoto Enduro Events: Venue Search

3 months ago | Photos: Donat O'Kelly

Calling all dirt-bike fans. We’re looking to secure a new venue for our 2020 calendar and would love your input.

As Doug Hamilton, the property owner from our most recent Transmoto 8-Hour @ Wangaratta put it, “Yes the grass will be torn up on the track, yes there will be some noise for one day, but the grass grows back and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces is always worth it. The world needs more fun like this!”

We are looking for a property with:

  • A variety of flat and hilly country, single trails and grass track.
  • A large flat or slightly sloping paddock for the staging area and pits.
  • Areas with decent rainfall – ideal recommended months welcome.
  • Awesome natural aspects and proactive local partners.
  • Venue to comfortably fit a 16-20km enduro loop.

We are looking for venues between:

  • Gold Coast, Qld to Grafton, NSW.
  • Canberra, ACT to Bega, NSW.
  • Adelaide, SA to Torquay, Vic.

The Transmoto team works directly with the landowner, track builders, and club to ensure supporting Event and Risk Management Plans, Council approvals, and Motorcycling Australia permits are completed well in advance.

Landowners and their operation partners are remunerated – 50% before and 50% after the event with roles and responsibilities clearly outlined to ensure everyone’s happy.

If you know of a property, please send the following information to Transmoto Events Manager, Robbie Warden, via events@transmoto.com.au

  • Venue contact name, phone number, and email
  • Venue address, photos, size, and special aspects (if available)

Transmoto Enduro events support the local community injecting on average $200,000+ into the local economy, national media exposure to the local region, and aims to promote good outdoor fun for all riders, partners, and stakeholders involved.


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