Tested: GET Smart SOS Alarm & Hour Meter

2 months ago

A product the Transmoto team has tried, tested and would recommend to a mate.


Designed by Italian company, GET – the electronic division of performance specialist, Athena – the GET Smart SOS is both a settable SOS alarm and a wireless engine hour meter in one. The device also uses an internal accelerometer to detect when the bike falls on its side and is down for a set period of time – in which case, it sends an SOS notification with GPS coordinates to your selected contacts, thanks to a free App that’s available for both iOS and Android operating systems.



  • Multi-functionality: These days, many trail, enduro, and even motocross bikes come with an hour meter, meaning there’s little benefit in fitting an aftermarket hour meter to your bike if counting the engine’s run-time is all the device does. The GET Smart SOS, however, does more than simply count engine hours; it works with a smartphone app to notify your emergency contacts if you crash, and it sends you notifications when your bike needs some TLC.
  • Rider Safety: If you’ve crashed and the bike is lying on its side for an extended period of time, the device automatically sends an alert (with the GPS location) to notify your selected emergency contact(s).
  • Bike Safety: If thieves ever knock your bike off, chances are the lowlife pricks with lie the thing on its side. And when they do … boom, it’ll trigger a smartphone notification, along with the GPS coordinates of the bike.
  • Maintenance: By letting you set customised service intervals, the device makes staying on top of your bike’s maintenance and service schedules a whole lot easier.
  • Simple & Durable: It’s water- and dust-proof, and wireless. That means there’s no need to route a fiddly wire down to your spark plug and coil or install any sensors. Plus, it comes with a long-lasting CR2032 replaceable battery.


  • Overkill: Admittedly, if you own a new-model Yamaha, engine run-time and maintenance records can be viewed on your smartphone (via Yami’s new Power Tuner App), so there’s some doubling-up if you were to buy the GET device. That said, the GET Smart SOS also comes with features that can help recover your stolen bike and/or save your life.
  • Ulterior Motives: Just be aware that, if your better half is the jealous type, she might sneakily slip this GET device into your pocket or workbag. And all hell will break loose if it notifies her you’ve been lying ‘on your side’ for too long!?

At $140, the GET Smart SOS Alarm and Hour Meter is more expensive than the $50 to $90 you typically pay for the regular engine meters on the market. But then again, the GET device offers a whole lot more in the way of practical functions – for both you and your bike – for that relatively small premium.

PRICE: $139.95 // BBI Imports

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