Tested: Atlas Air Neckbrace

7 months ago | Words: Jarrad Duffy | Photos: iKapture, Lewis Barkley

A product the Transmoto team has tried, tested and would recommend to a mate.

What Is It?

Neckbraces have been around since the early 2000s and have always been a safety product you either love or hate. They were designed to slow down and spread the force of a possible spine injury by supporting the neck during impact. But, some riders believe neckbraces can hinder their ability to ride well and a few believe they can cause injury instead of preventing it. We believe that Canadian neckbrace company, Atlas, has created a brace that not only keeps you safe but is comfortable and doesn’t restrict mobility on the bike. So, is this neckbrace for you? Let’s find out…


  • We tested this brace with a range of lids – Fox V3, Bell Moto 9 flex, Alpinestars S-M10, M2R X4.5, Shoei VFX-WR – and found it doesn’t limit your range of motion or range of vision.
  • It’s so comfortable that it isn’t noticeable when you’re on the bike – as long as you remember to wear the ‘Hybrid’ strap system, otherwise, you’ll find it’ll bounce all over the place.
  • Because there is no soft padding it is very easy to wash. We just hit ours with a hose and bike wash every couple rides and it comes up mint.
  • It is easy to get on and off with one securing button at the front of the brace.
  • It is super-lightweight (580g) and low profile. Plus, it comes with a second set of shoulder pads if you want to raise the brace higher – we kept the brace with the standard low pads.

  • It is adjustable for your body type; the rear ‘smart mounts’ have six-points of adjustment that help conform the brace to the depth of your chest/back. These are adjusted with an allen-key.
  • The brace isn’t a one-piece design. The rubber wireless rear tether piece (Altas’ split flex frame technology) allows the brace the flex with you while you’re riding. This combined with Atlas’ ‘spine frame design’ (two-piece back support) helps disperse energy in the event of a crash.
  • The front of the brace (chest mounts) has a lot of flex. This acts like suspension and once again helps absorb as much energy as possible in the case of a crash. Plus, the same as the rear, it’s a split design that sits around the sternum to reduce the chance of secondary injuries.
  • The shoulder pads, strap system, and wireless rear tether piece are all replaceable to extend the life of your brace.
  • It fits snug with a hydration pack without any issues (on the USWE hydration pack we tested).


  • It is an extra cost compared to not wearing a neckbrace at all but we think it’s a no brainer.
  • If you wear a chest protector, it needs to be neckbrace compatible. We found this brace fitted well with the Atlas Defender and Alpinestars A1 but we’ve also heard it works well with a range of other neckbrace compatible chest protectors.
  • Clipping the brace to either the supplied ‘Hybrid’ strap system or a neckbrace compatible armour with straps can be a little tricky. It’s easier if you can see what you’re doing by looking in a mirror.


If you’re interested in the extra piece-of-mind and safety that comes along with wearing a neckbrace, it’s hard to look past the Atlas Air neckbrace. It’s the most comfortable neckbrace we’ve ever worn and we don’t leave for a ride without it.

Price & Availability

RRP: $399.95

Adult Sizes
Small – 33”- 36” (84-92cm) chest circumference
Medium – 37”- 41” (94-104cm) chest circumference
Small – 42” + (104cm+) chest circumference

Check out the Monza Imports dealer locator for your nearest Atlas outlet.

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