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Rated: Husqvarna PHDS Bar Mounts

1 year ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Jarrad Duffy

There aren’t many parts out there that can make our favourite machine in Husqvarna’s 2019 enduro-bike model-range – the FE350 much better in our opinion. It’s just that good out of the box.
We recently outlined what parts we fitted to this mid-capacity giant-killer, and why? But there is one Husqvarna Accessory that deserves its very own story, the PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Damping System) bar mounts…


Once you’ve run a set of the PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Damping System) bar mounts, you’ll want to fit a set on every bike you own because they offer all the benefits of rubber-mounted bars, but none of the disadvantages.


  • As the PHDS’s lower mounts are hard-mounted to the triple clamp, they offer precise steering feel and don’t twist anywhere near as readily as rubber-mounted bars in a crash.
  • The elastomer-damped upper bar mount helps reduce the vibration and shock transferred to your hands and arms. And that genuinely reduces rider fatigue.
  • The cool thing is that the kit comes with all its own mounting hardware, plus 10mm bar raisers (which tall riders may want to fit). Optional soft and hard elastomer inserts are also available.


  • The PHDS hardware is a little heavier than the standard bar mounts, but in my mind, it’s a compromise I’ll make any day of the week.

Price and Availability

At $329.99, this Husqvarna Accessories Progressive Handlebar Damping System (PHDS) isn’t cheap. But they’re an ingenious solution and we reckon they are one of the best mods you can make to your Husqvarna enduro bike.
They are available through the Husqvarna PowerParts catalog via your local Husqvarna dealer.

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