Product: SCOTT Prospect Goggle

3 years ago

The all-new Prospect goggle and WFS50 roll-off system from SCOTT has been unveiled, marking a new chapter for the brand as they continue to push the limits of vision, comfort and lens retention.


The key feature – next to the larger lens – is the new SCOTT Lens Lock System; four pins go through the lens to ensure that it will never pop out of place. In addition, a thicker lens material (1mm) has been used to make the lens even more resistant than before. To change lenses, you simply need to open four tabs (two at the top and two at the bottom) to remove the lens from the thin frame (which has been cleverly designed to generate a perfect field of vision) in seconds.


Premium 3.2 thermoformed face foam has been used to offer superior comfort and sweat management. The new closed cell foam is now softer and has been designed to sit lower on the cheeks, offering an even pressure spread. The SCOTT Prospect comes with a 50mm strap backed with two lines of silicone in order to provide maximum goggle stability on the helmet. The nose guard can be easily removed and re-assembled, and three pins guarantee that the nose guard is attached to the frame.


The SCOTT Prospect features two pivoting outriggers that adapt to any and all helmet shapes and sizes. The resulting pressure created by the goggle on the rider’s face is aimed to provide a complete and consistent seal. Even with roll-offs attached, the the pivoting outriggers enable a slick integration of the canisters thanks to the smart WFS50 system.


SCOTT‘s Prospect goggle ($129.95 AUD) and WSF50 roll-off system ($149.59 AUD, fitted) will be available in Australia from September onwards through Ficeda Accessories dealers. Click here to learn more about the revolutionary new product, and stay tuned for Transmoto‘s take on it.


Technical Features

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