Product: Scott MX550 Helmet

1 year ago | Words: Grant O'Brien

Helmet development is advancing at a rapid rate. Scott Motorsports have raised the bar with their new MX550 helmet featuring Conehead and MIPS technology, and it’s not at a price that will break the bank either. Set for release in December, the MX550 is a step up from the previous Scott 350 Pro model and according to the provided Scott technical information below the helmet promises to be the safest and most ventilated model they’ve ever created. Here’s the official info from Scott…

At Scott, our mission is to protect your head. We see it as our key goal of who we are and the helmets that we produce. During a crash, riders normally experience two types of impacts, radial impacts that go straight into the head, and angular impacts, which cause rotational violence passed to the brain. With the MX550 we wanted to address both types of impacts, that is why we use Conehead and MIPS technology.

Key Features

  • Conehead technology is a unique construction with two different densities of EPS (expanded polystyrene) and a unique geometry between the two, which increase the impact protection of the helmet.

  • MIPS technology works by putting in a slip layer between the head and the helmet. It offers superior safety performance in case of angled impacts by reducing the rotational violence transmitted to the brain.

  • Ventilation – The MX550 was designed to provide maximum airflow thanks to its unique construction with a huge air opening at the front, massive ventilation channels throughout the helmet, and numerous strategically placed vents. We benchmarked the MX550 ventilation in a wind tunnel scenario against key competitors. The MX550 significantly outperformed them reassuring us that we have the best-ventilated motocross helmet on the market.

Colours, Sizes and Price  

Colours: Hatch: White, Black/Orange WoodBlock: Gray/Yellow, Gray/Blue Camo: Black/Yellow
Sizes: XS (54cm) – XXL (64cm)
RRP $299.95

Available in December from all good motorcycle stores. Head to the Scott MX550 page for more specific product information.

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