Product: Neken SFH Handlebar

3 months ago

Since 1990, Neken has developed and increased its knowledge in the tubing technology and CNC machining. This is why many motorcycles manufacturers have chosen Neken for their handlebars.

The Neken SFH handlebar is putting a new spin on handlebar and grip design. Neken wants to make the grips bigger or, more accurately, “thicker without changing the outer dimensions.” The Neken SFH handlebars are standard 1-1/8-inch (25.4mm) oversize handlebars. The SFH bars are 5mm smaller in the clutch and throttle sections than on a normal handlebar. But, rather than use the extra 5mm to downsize the grips for small hands, Neken makes its full-size adult grips that is 4mm thicker.

That is double the thickness of a normal grip. Doubling the thickness means the extra cushion of Kraton rubber offers a grippier surface and softer feel while reducing vibration from the engine and suspension.


  • 101C – Length: 820mm, Height: 118mm, Sweep: 74mm
  • 121C – Length: 815mm, Height: 132mm,  Sweep: 73mm
  • 133C – Length: 820mm, Height: 110mm, Sweep: 73mm
  • 182C – Length: 817mm, Height: 112mm, Sweep: 70mm


  • 7070 T6 aluminium aerospace quality
  • Oversize bar made with a variable diameter and wall thickness
  • 1 1/8″ (28.6mm) diameter in the clamping area
  • 40% lighter and stronger than a classic bar
  • Laser etched to aid in handlebar centering and indexing
  • Bar pad included
  • Innovative comfort for your hands

Price & Availability

The Neken SFH Handlebar is available from any of Gas Imports’ Dealers for an RRP of $169.95.

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