Product: KTI Personal Locator Beacon

6 years ago


Crashed! Injured! Need help… Press the button!

We’ve all heard stories about serious crashes, life-threatening accidents and getting tragically lost while adventure riding. Kinetic Technology International (KTI) has designed and manufactured a really sensible safety device that all dirt-bike riders should own and take with them on every ride.

Made in Australia, the KTI Safety Alert SA2G Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is one of the smallest PLB’s on the market, and offers the same technology as their renowned and reputable EPIRB (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon). The company has been making rescue beacons for over 25 years.


The KTI Safety Alert SA2G PLB operates on a 406Mhz frequency, transmitting an emergency signal to a worldwide satellite rescue system. The signal is used by emergency services to locate you, within metres. The KTI Safety Alert SA2G PLB boasts a 10-year maintenance free battery with a 10-year warranty.

Mobile phones (and expensive satellite phones) do lose coverage in remote areas, so carrying a PLB as a back-up safety plan will give you peace of mind if something unforeseen happens. No matter what you’re doing, having a PLB close to you could save your life.


^ Ryan King’s life was saved by a personal locator beacon after he broke his neck earlier this year…

Earlier this year, Ryan King – a casual Aussie trail rider – broke his neck after clipping a log, going over his bars and landing on his head. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with limited mobile phone reception, two riders who turned up with personal locator beacons helped save King’s life by pin-pointing his exact location for ambulance services.

“I really want other riders to learn from my story,” says Ryan. “The bloke who turned up with the personal locator beacon carries it in his pack because he sometimes rides by himself – he took one look at me lying on my back, on my pack, and realised that he needed somewhere else to carry it. It’s important to make sure you can access them easily at all times, because you never know when something bad is going to happen.”

To find your local KTI stockist, call (03) 9583 9566 or visit www.kti.com.au for more information.

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