Product: Ballards Shock Preload Tool

3 months ago

Adjusting your bike’s suspension system can be one of the most important and rewarding jobs to undertake. A poorly set-up rear shock can turn your Sunday ride into an uncontrolled mess. Simply having the right tool for the job can make the task of adjusting your rear shock a lot easier, and as mentioned before, if it’s done right the reward is a bike that can be ridden to its full potential. Geoff Ballard of Ballards off-road has designed the exact tool to help you get that perfect set up.


• Ideal tool for adjusting the shock preload.
• Optimal length and angled tip makes it easy to get preload tool in difficult to reach places.
• Angled and rounded tip fits nicely into notched collars making them easy to turn and adjust.
• Made from heat treated carbon steel and zinc coated to ensure durability.


The Ballard’s Shock Preload Adjuster is available to purchase from MXstore for $19.95 AUD. MXstore offers free shipping on all orders over $20, and if you get your order in before 2pm on a weekday, it will be dispatched that day, meaning you’ll receive it as quickly as possible.


GB gives us the rundown of the Ballard’s Shock Preload Adjuster Tool, a great tool to have in your kit for getting into those tricky spots on your bike where they stick shocks on bikes nowadays.

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