Product: Atlas Air Neckbrace

2 weeks ago

Atlas Neckbraces are known for their patented flexible design, providing maximum comfort and mobility. New for 2019 is an updated chassis that not only looks better but has taken the previous successful brace to the next level. It now features an updated release system that makes it easier to get on and off your shoulders, larger body contact points to relieve pressure in the case of a crash, and a stronger split frame connector for increased durability.

Here’s the official product breakdown from Atlas…

Key Features

Building on the patented Split-Flex Frame technology that makes Atlas the most mobility friendly neckbrace in the world, the 2018 model adds increased strength through an all-new 7000 series aluminum release system, longevity through a completely redesigned Wireless Tether, as well as further reducing the overall weight for an incredibly weightless experience.

Split-Flex Frame

  • Ultra-flexible polymer split-frame construction creates the epitome of performance, comfort, and mobility.


  • 30mm of chest suspension promotes controlled head movement in extreme situations, helping to slow impacts, not come to a harsh stop, along with allowing tuck and roll movement to occur.

Spine and Sternum free

  • Dual chest and back supports sit around the spine and sternum, in an effort to reduce the chance of secondary injuries.

Surface Area

  • Dual chest and back contact points, along with large, padded contact over the shoulder allow each Atlas Brace to sit on 27% more surface area of your body than the competition, all in a smaller and lighter overall package.

Height Adjustment

  • Two height options out of the box allow for a custom fit, and range of motion

Size Adjustment

  • Smart Mounts allow for two possible size settings, and three different angle choices to suit a variety of body types.


  • Minimal design allows for a light weight of 580g.

Adult Sizes

  • Small – 33”- 36” (84-92cm) chest circumference
  • Medium – 37”- 41” (94-104cm) chest circumference
  • Small – 42” + (104cm+) chest circumference

Price & Availability

The new range of Atlas Air neckbraces is available in six colourways. It’s available for an RRP of $459.95 from your local Atlas dealer. To find your nearest Atlas dealer, head to the Monza Imports website.

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