New Product: FIST Frosty Fingers Glove

2 years ago | Words: Simon Barratt | Photos: Supplied

Disclaimer: most of us here at Transmoto are mates with Sam Moore, the owner of FIST gloves. Sam has been around the Australian moto industry for years, you might have seen his weathered lemon spread pop up on the Gypsy Tales podcast from time to time. He’s a good dude; he rides as hard as he parties, and we like that in a pal! He’s also pumping out some decent product at the moment with his brand FIST.  Disclaimer aside, we are lucky enough to test out a variety of products, and gloves are one of them. Our take: most brands are doing a great riding glove in this day and age, but variety is the spice of life, and if you are thinking of giving FIST a run, their variety is habanero spicy!! (they even made a colab for Transmoto you can check out HERE). The lads have just dropped this new “Frosty Fingers” winter glove. We’ll be giving them a bit of a run over the chilly months and promise to follow up with some honest feedback, but in the meantime, check ’em out below:


Cold Weather Use Glove: Motocross | BMX | MTB | Gripping & Ripping

The connection between you and your bars, there is nothing more important than feel. 3 layer Laminated, Sublimated, Weather Resistant, wind-blocker thermo upper paired with a single layer Clarino palm make for the best fit on the market. Less is more with this Minimalistic multiple use glove. Taking that all-important Insta pic or punching out a quick text has never been easier on the track or trails with conductive thread in the index finger and thumb make sure you #FISTARMY to share with your people.


  • Minimalistic lightweight design for maximum performance and feel
  • 3 Layer, Sublimated Weather Resistant, wind-blocker thermo upper featuring full breathability and supreme comfort
  • Single Layer Clarino* palm for maximum feel and control
  • Spandex finger gussets for ultimate flexibility and dexterity
  • Touch Screen conductive index finger and thumb
  • Custom FIST closure offers a broad range of adjustment to keep your gloves secured just how you like them

Buy them from any local bike shop worth their salt, or online here; FIST Frosty Fingers

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