KTM SX-E5: Electric Minibike

2 months ago | Words: KTM Motorsports | Photos: Mitterbauer H. / KTM Images

The world of electric motorcycles is coming closer and closer every year, but not in an overwhelming way that is going to take over the petrol bikes anytime soon. We’ve seen companies like Alta fly into the market with impressive full-size bikes but fade out (due to a lack of funding) before they made it to Aussie shores.
One company that has been plugging away slowly but surely in the electric market is Austrian manufacturer, KTM. After launching their Freeride E-XC full-size motorcycle a couple years ago they’re diving into the minibike realm with what they’re calling a KTM SX-E5 – an electric version of the market-leading KTM 50SX two-stroke. It’s exciting to see KTM pushing the development of battery-powered bikes further because if history is anything to go by, KTM isn’t scared of pushing the limits of production to reach the goal of creating revolutionary motorcycles.
Plus we couldn’t help notice this new machine from an aesthetics perspective looks a lot more like a conventional dirtbike than others we’ve seen in the past; sharing a very similar chassis to the current KTM 50SX.
Fresh of the press from Italy’s EICMA Show, here’s KTM’s detailed new about the new model…

The newly developed KTM SX-E5 is the next step in KTM’s innovative line-up. Combining KTM’s class-leading knowledge in youth motor-cycling with years of development work in the e-sector, the KTM SX-E5 is based on the incredibly popular KTM 50 SX with a high-end chassis powered by an electric motor. The new KTM SX-E5 will be ultra-competitive, yet easy to ride even for pure beginners. It enjoys the advantage of zero emissions, low noise and minimal maintenance, which makes it ideal for youngsters looking to make the first step into the world of motorcycling. The new KTM SX-E5 will set a new benchmark within the electric-minicycle market in terms of performance, rideability, safety and serial standard, and thanks to its dynamic design, it is ideal for the growing rider with its adjustable seat height.


  • A permanent magnet electric motor with a modern design and excellent reliability produces a peak power of 5 kW powered by a low-voltage battery. The state-of-the-art control unit is perfectly integrated inside the motor, and provides a strong yet easy to control power delivery. With no shifting or clutch, this machine is easy to ride and with no compromise in terms of safety thanks to competence standards being applied from the car industry.
  • The KTM SX-E5’s Power- Pack can provide more than two hours of riding for a beginner, or 25 minutes for the faster junior racers and is charged with an external worldwide charger with approximately one-hour charging time. A multifunctional instrument between the steering head and seat allows the user to select different ride modes, which is of paramount importance to build confidence into the junior rider, whilst having the option for faster and more powerful modes as they improve in ability. With safety in mind, a roll-over sensor cuts off the power in the case of a crash or falling over, and additionally, a wrist lanyard key cuts the motor in the event of a crash.
  • This dynamic drivetrain is fitted to a high-end chassis with an innovative, adjustable seat height that’s ideal for the growing youngster. High-quality hydraulic Formula brakes with lightweight Wave brake discs are comparable to those on combustion machines, whilst the wheels and handlebar are also of similar quality. A state-of-the-art WP XACT 35 fork provides outstanding rideability and stability, and is combined with the WP shock absorber that’s linked directly to a newly developed lightweight cast aluminum swingarm, created especially for the KTM SX-E5. The modern, lightweight and nimble frame is based on the KTM 50 SX and adapted for the electric drivetrain and battery, and boasts a polyamide subframe that’s reinforced by fiberglass – another innovative KTM SX-E5 feature.
  • Finally, the bodywork is shared with the KTM 50 SX, which is similar to its bigger brothers racing at world championship level, and a spacer has been designed in place of the fuel tank to give a true motorcycle feel. This design provides perfect contact points and ergonomics for the rider, whilst looking ultra-cool with its orange polymer powder coated frame and the cool graphic design.

Price & Availability

The KTM SX-E5 is set to drop hear on Aussie soil around December 2019. The RRP of this new machine is yet to be confirmed.

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