Is This The Ultimate NSW Adventure Ride?

6 months ago | Photos: Husqvarna Motorcycles

If you’ve got a passion for off-road riding it’s pretty safe to say you’ve picked up the passion for adventuring along the way. How can you not when you get to ride through Australia’s vast variety of riding terrain and natural beauty. But your trail bike can only take you so far in a day before you’re searching for a servo or looking to turn back en route for your ride home. That’s where we find Husky’s new 701 Enduro LR a really interesting machine. Yeah, it’s not as nimble as your trail bike but it’s nowhere near as bike as a twin-cylinder adventure bike either – it’s in its own category somewhere in the middle. Perfect for riders like Jeff Leisk and Michael Heaton set off to explore NSW’s most scenic tracks and destinations, without being limited by bike capability and fuel capacity.
Join the lads on their recent on a four-day getaway from Sydney to The Snowies and back again.

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