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Husky Races Norden 901 Into Production

6 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Husqvarna Motorcycles

Husqvarna’s Norden 901 Concept machine was undoubtedly a highlight of last year’s EICMA Motorcycle Show in Italy. In fact, if the ongoing social media buzz about the bike is anything to go by, you could argue it was EICMA’s biggest showstopper. Sure, adventure riders around the world got their froth-on when KTM finally revealed a prototype of their long-awaited 790 Adventure R at EICMA in late 2017 but, in our experience, the hype surrounding this Norden 901 was unprecedented. And we suspect that’s exactly why this machine – which is Husqvarna’s first foray into the ‘Travel Enduro’ bike market segment – has gone hurriedly from ‘Concept’ to production (a journey that took KTM’s 790 the best part of two years). That, and the fact that many players in the fast-growing ‘travel enduro’ market segment have been scrambling to produce a lighter, more manageable and more affordable ‘mid-capacity’ version of their ‘maxi-enduro/travel’ machines.

Admittedly, Husqvarna HQ has not confirmed when this model will actually go into production, only that it will. And the fact that Husqvarna’s own website makes no mention of the Norden whatsoever confirms just how under wraps the bike remains. What we can say is that the Norden appears to share a few key features with KTM’s 790 Adventure – such as its parallel-twin powerplant, 18- and 21-inch wheels, rally-style fuel tank and front guard (both of which are low-slung), beefy swingarm architecture (with a no-linkage shock absorber), WP Xplor fork, streamlined ergos (for its class, that is), twin front brake discs, and a front fairing that reminds us of a KTM 990. But with the 901’s bore and stroke specs kept a secret, how its 889.5cc gets its additional 90cc (over and above the 790’s 799cc donk) remains a mystery. And from an overall styling and accessory component point of view, the Norden appears significantly different from its 790 Adventure stepsister.

There’s no indication from Husqvarna whether or not they’ll release a ‘standard’ and off-road-oriented version of the Norden 901, as KTM did with their 790 Adventure a year ago. Here’s the short and sweet PR that Husqvarna did release about the all-new machine, whose name means “north” in both German and Swedish languages – a nice Austrian tip of the hat to Husqvarna’s Swedish roots:

Following the extremely successful unveiling of the Norden 901 Concept model at EICMA, Husqvarna Motorcycles are pleased to announce that this exciting, new twin-cylinder machine will go into production, a move that underlines Husqvarna Motorcycles’ growing commitment to the street segment.
Breaking cover for the first time during the International Motorcycle show in Italy, the Norden 901 received high levels of interest from the hundreds of thousands of attending motorcycle fans, as well as the motorcycle media. Now set to become a key addition to Husqvarna Motorcycles’ street line-up, the dynamic and versatile long-distance traveler will offer the modern motorcycle rider a balance of practical accessibility and comfort.
Forming Husqvarna Motorcycles’ vision of an adventure-touring motorcycle, the Norden 901 is a dynamic, twin-cylinder motorcycle that features advanced rider ergonomics and high performance based on years of rally experience. Featuring distinct, modern design, it delivers both outstanding street and off-road performance. Class-leading lightness and power delivery is set in a versatile and accessible package, precisely arranged to allow discerning riders uncompromised exploration possibilities. Delivering effortless rideability and high-end modern equipment the Norden 901 can be used on daily commutes, extended adventures and everything in between.


  • Slim and light adventure touring motorcycle
  • 889.5cc parallel-twin engine, specifically tuned for adventure usage
  • A perfect balance between off-road performance and touring ability
  • 21” front wheel and 18” rear wheel
  • Comfortable ergonomics and confidence-inspiring handling
  • High-quality WP Suspension components 

Further information related to the Norden 901 will be released by Husqvarna Motorcycles as the model nears market launch.

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