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Husky Head-To-Head: 2019 FE350 vs FX350

9 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Salvatore Aloisio

For reasons we detailed a year ago, Husqvarna’s Cross-Country models are increasingly on the radar for riders in the market for a sharply priced, lightweight enduro-style bike. And why wouldn’t they be? Using a hybrid of MX- and enduro-model components, these cross-country machines are some $1500 cheaper, 6kg lighter and come with several different components – not least of which is WP’s AER 48 air-sprung fork. Plus, Husky’s 2019 Cross-Country models come with the upgrades made to the new-gen 2019 MX-bike range; mods that are expected to be adopted, in large part, by the brand’s 2020-model enduro bikes.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean the cross-country models are better – especially when you take the bikes into snotty, tight terrain, where an enduro model’s sharp-steering chassis, and forgiving power and suspension are right at home.

So, with this ‘mismatch’ of models (and the fact these two Husqvarna 350s are out of step with each other from a generational point of view), we decided to put the 2019 FE350 and 2019 FX350 head-to-head at the recent Transmoto 8-Hour at Coffs Harbour to:

  • Get a handle on how the enduro and cross-country models differ when it comes to performance and overall feel – from early in the race, when the track and riders’ bodies are fresh, to late in the race, when both the track and riders have deteriorated; and
  • Get a pre-emptive insight into the 2020 FE350, which is expected to adopt much of the engine and bodywork upgrades brought out on the 2019 FX350 12 months ago.

When comparing these two bikes, it’s also worth taking a look at the Specs Table (see PDF below), which highlights subtle but significant differences in their engines (compression, throttle body size, exhaust systems, gearing, etc), frame geometry, suspension, and the ‘accessory’ components they each get as standard equipment.

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