ūüé• How-To: Fix a Dented Two-Stroke Pipe

5 months ago

If you’ve ever ridden a two-stroke in the bush, chances are you’ve dented, damaged or completely destroyed the bike’s expansion chamber. It’s a vulnerable¬†component on every two-stroke dirt bike, and even reasonably¬†small dents will significantly¬†affect power.
So, short of tip-toeing through the bush, how can you avoid the expense¬†of a¬†replacement pipe, which retails for around a hefty $350 (and often more)? Sure, you can run¬†a pipe guard as a preventative measure. But even these won’t guard against¬†big hits. The answer? Get some advice on whether your pipe can be blown back into shape, which is a far cheaper option than a replacement pipe. That’s exactly¬†what we did with two of our 2018 KTM and Husqvarna test bikes after they came off second best on a recent ride. We hit up Mick from Barrenjoey Smash Repairs¬†and got him to take us through the technique required to ‘blow’ a two-stroke pipe back into shape ‚Äď a fix that costs around $100 in labour¬†(or if you catch Mick on a good day, he’ll settle for a carton of Crown beer). As the video reveals, the combination of custom-made¬†clamps, air pressure, heat, and years of pipe-blowing expertise will miraculously restore your pipe’s original shape and performance in a¬†matter of minutes.

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