First Look: 2021 Sherco Range

2 years ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Sherco Motorcycles

In spite of many European countries being particularly hard-hit by the Coronavirus, Sherco’s factory in France has managed for forge ahead with its model development, and they’ve just unveiled their significantly upgraded range of two- and four-stroke enduro machines for 2021 – both the ‘Racing’ and up-specced ‘Factory’ models. Evidently, the family-owned French brand was keen to retain their crown as the fastest-growing company in the off-road motorcycle industry.

According to Sherco’s Australian distributor, Mojo Motorcycles, the trick-looking 2021 machines will be on Aussie dealer floors from mid-August at prices only $100 above their 2020-model counterparts.

Here’s a top-line summary of mods that appear on Sherco’s 2021 range. The first-time fitment of a counter-balancer on the two-stroke models probably spearheads the updates, but there’s also been a bunch of other judicious mods to engines, suspension, bodywork and componentry, most of which is in the name of better performance, reduced weight and improved durability.


  • New 2021 Racing in-mould graphics kit – the new aggressive design graphics are identical on the Racing and Factory models, and they’re now made from a more durable material.
  • WP XPLOR fork with preload adjustments and WP shock absorber – in addition to the compression and rebound adjustability in the fork caps, each leg comes with a tool-free spring preload adjuster. On the rear, the WP Monoshock offers a progressive rear suspension action, with high- and low-speed compression adjustment and spring preload.
  • New black seat, frame protectors and grips.
  • Black Excel rims.
  • New rear brake return-spring – larger diameter to improve pedal return and rider feel.
  • Michelin tyres standard on all models – homologated and non-homologated.


125SE (2T)

  • New crankshaft assembly for long-term reliability.

250/300SE (2T)

  • A counter-balancer has been fitted to reduce vibration, improve rider enjoyment and significantly reduce arm pump.
  • The gearbox has a new selector mechanism, new ratios, and is 600g lighter. The assembly has been significantly lightened to make the bike more manoeuvrable, and first gear has been changed for easier use in technical situations
  • Total engine weight reduction of 1.2kg (mainly via lighter transmission gear and axle, gear selection barrel, clutch and cylinder head) – for improved performance and technical efficiency.
  • New lightened secondary drive shaft, plus standardisation of gearbox output on 125/250/300cc 2T models to reduce weight and improve performance (note that the same countershaft sprocket is used across Sherco’s entire 2021 range).
  • New cylinder head (10% larger volume) – the engine compression has been reduced to match the race team’s motorcycles, which results in higher speeds without losing any low-end performance.
  • Capacitive ignition coil control unit – improves the intensity of the spark plug, which results in improved durability.
  • Revised map calibration – adapted to the new ignition box to improve sparkplug life without changing the performance. The two ignition curves are still available: hard and soft, which allows you the choice of a 5.5hp gap to adapt the bike to the riding and terrain.

250/300SEF (4T)

  • The connecting rod bottom-end bearing has been changed to a plain bearing for 2021 – this considerably extends engine life, unleashes more power at higher RPM, and reduces engine noise.
  • Tilt sensor (motorcycle engine shuts off in the event of a fall) – allows the engine to be shut down if the motorcycle falls over.
  • Revised machining of the engine cases – optimised for the new connecting rod, which reduces low-speed stalling. It also reduces the overheating of the engine oil.
  • The lubricant has better circulation inside the engine.
  • The counter-balancer mechanism is the same as 2020, except with a smaller axis for weight reduction.

300SEF (4T) only

  • The combustion chamber has been redesigned to lower the compression – to make the engine’s power delivery smoother.
  • New intake and exhaust camshaft profile (redesigned for the updated crankshaft) – to provide improved performance, better efficiency and more power at high revs.

450SEF (4T)

  • The gears used for the anti-vibration balancer, starter inner pinion and oil pump gear have all been lightened – this optimisation of the machining process produces a significant weight reduction (500g) and improved performance.


Here’s how Sherco positions each of their 2021 models…


The 125SE is the ideal bike for those who enjoy playing around with a lightweight machine. If you are looking for easy fun, it is the best choice you can make.

The 250/300SE is Sherco’s best-selling model. It has excellent power and is exceptionally light. This bike is perfectly suited to the rider who enjoys riding technical trails. We call it “the queen of hard enduro”, but it is also the ultimate weapon to break the timer on special tests.


The 250/300SEF is another bestseller in our range. It’s for grasstrack test lovers, flat turns and fast tracks. It’s the weapon when you fight against the clock. This is also the most versatile engine, which can suit any kind of rider.

The 450/500SEF is for maximum power; for those who want to feel the adrenaline at every single twist on the throttle. Needs open terrain to excel.


Here’s a snapshot of the special componentry that comes as standard equipment on Sherco’s up-specced ‘Factory’ models:

  • New 2021 Racing in-mould graphics kit – the new aggressive design graphics are identical on the Racing and Factory models (“because we love all of our customers and believe that they have the right to have the most beautiful motorcycles available”) and they’re made from a more durable material.
  • Kayaba Suspension – KYB 48mm fork and the ultimate model 50mm shock absorber for even more stability and security at high speeds, and superior absorption of big bumps.
  • New full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system (on 250 and 300cc 4T models) – the latest version of Akrapovic’s titanium exhaust system. It offers an increase in performance at high RPM, reduced weight, and lower noise emissions.
  • FMF exhaust pipe (2T models).
  • Galfer front brake disc – 70g lighter and more powerful.
  • Special blue Selle Dalla Valle seat, dual-composite grips, and frame protectors.
  • Black Excel rims.
  • AXP skidplate.
  • Neken mousse pad.
  • Expansion (fluid overflow) tank and radiator fan – standard on all Factory models.



  • 125 2T Racing – $11,590
  • 250 2T Racing – $12,390
  • 300 2T Racing – $12,690
  • 300 4T Racing – $13,690
  • 450 4T Racing – $14,090
  • 500 4T Racing – $14,290


  • 125 2T Factory – $12,990
  • 250 2T Factory – $14,390
  • 300 2T Factory – $14,790
  • 250 4T Factory – $14,990
  • 300 4T Factory – $15,490
  • 450 4T Factory – $16,090
  • 500 4T Factory – $16,490

If you pre-order one of these 2021 puppies in July (for August delivery), it’ll come with a free Alpinestars S-M8 helmet!

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