Ballard’s 2-Stroke Expansion Chamber

3 months ago | Words: Salvatore Aloisio

Picture this, you have just laid down $400 for your brand new expansion chamber (that the wife said you could go without), it looks so perfect, and it gives that ‘custom’ look to your ride you’ve always wanted. You start her up, hear that crisp ‘ting ting’ and you smile from ear-to-ear, it into gear and head straight out on the trails. The excitement is too much, you go full Graham Jarvis mode and decide to hop over a log, but, you realise you’re not Graham Jarvis and you dent the living hell out of your brand new pipe. Chances are that wouldn’t have happened if you were running one of Ballard’s new stainless steel pipes. Check out Geoff Ballard’s demonstration below.

To find out more about Ballard’s new stainless steel expansion chamber, head over to the MXstore website.

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