2021 Beta RR ‘Racing’ Models: Unveiled!

4 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Beta Motorcycles Australia

A couple of months ago, we got our first look at the 2021 enduro range from Italian manufacturer, Beta. After unveiling eight completely overhauled two- and four-stroke RR machines a year ago, it didn’t come as a huge surprise that Beta’s 2021 RR-model upgrades were more about refinement than reinvention. That said, there were mods to the 2021 engines, suspension, chassis, bodywork and other componentry in the name of improved performance and durability.

Same goes for Beta’s 2021 up-specced RR Racing models, which were recently unveiled. Here’s an excerpt from Beta’s PR, with an insight into the special componentry found on these flash-looking machines…

The new Racing version of Beta’s RR range will start production in October, offering all the characteristics needed for a real ready-to-race motorbike, suitable for the most extreme situations you might encounter during competition. Beta engineers have focused on developing a high-end set-up and incorporating all those details – both aesthetic and functional – that reduce weight and ensure an even better performance during race conditions.

The new RR Racing MY 2021 has all the same features that have enabled Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman to dominate the World Enduro circuit over the past few years, winning several titles in succession. This year, the Racing range welcomes a new addition: the RR200 Racing. The complete range now counts eight models: 125, 200, 250 and 300cc two-stroke, plus 350, 390, 430 and 480cc four-stroke.


Compared to the respective standard RR versions, the 2021 RR Racing range features the following racing spec componentry:


  • Kayaba AOS forks with closed 48mm cartridge – these new KYB spring forks feature a closed-cartridge design and are renowned worldwide for being top-of-the-range. Close collaboration between Beta and Kayaba has created a bespoke product which features a new fork shoe design and a unique calibration reserved for the RR models. Also, the presence of anodised internal components minimises sliding friction, while the customary compression and release adjusters allow easy attainment of optimum settings at all times. Therefore, Kayaba forks ensure excellent operation under all usage conditions, being ultra-reliable, and easy to tune.
  • ZF 46mm shock absorber with new settings – this newly refined set-up lets riders make the absolute most of the new chassis.
  • Black anodised triple clamp.


In response to riders who are always looking for lighter motorbikes, Beta’s R&D department has once again decided to remove the oil injection in order to make the two-strokes as light as possible. The two-stroke 2021 RR Racing machines run on premix, thus honing the racing pedigree of this version. The oil injection can be installed as an optional genuine accessory if desired.


  • Quick-release front wheel pin – essential for saving precious seconds during a race, this device speeds up tyre changes or repairs.
  • Vertigo hand guards – sturdy, with an eye-catching design and in-mould graphics make this accessory ideal for off-road riding.
  • Metzeler Six Days tyres – for confident off-road riding. It’s no coincidence that these tyres are the most widely used in top-level enduro competitions and by multiple world champion, Steve Holcombe.
  • Black CNC footpegs – with a broad contact surface and steel teeth to ensure optimum grip under all conditions. A robust yet lightweight structure means these footpegs also have a longer lifespan.
  • Rear sprocket with anodised aluminium core and steel teeth – a perfect combination of lightness and durability.
  • Red CNC chain tensioner blocks.
  • Racing seat with timecard pocket.
  • Black anodised gear-shift and brake pedals.
  • Red anodised transmission oil cap, engine oil cap and oil filter cap.
  • Racing graphics and red rim stickers.
  • New expansion chamber (125cc two-stroke only) – improves performance across the entire power curve, especially at high revs where it boosts acceleration.


The 2021 Beta RR Racing models will be available on Australian dealers’ floors from December. Pricing is yet to be announced. But seeing as the price tags for Beta’s 2021 RR models were unchanged from 2020, we’d expect little, if any, price increases over their predecessors for these 2021 RR Racing machines.

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