2020 Transmoto Enduro Events: Free Entry Winners

11 months ago | Photos: Donat O'Kelly

Did you race one of the seven 2019 Transmoto Enduro Events? Did you spend the extra time to reflect on the event and give us a piece of your mind in the post-event surveys? Well, for these lucky fellas below it was well worth it.
Here are the winners from each event:

2019 8-Hour at Coffs Harbour

Free entry to the 2020 Transmoto 8-Hour at Coffs Harbour (April 4-5): Adam Seymour
Transmoto apparel pack: Marcus Dummer

2019 8-Hour at Mackay

Free entry into any 2020 Transmoto Enduro Event: Dean Ross
Transmoto apparel pack: Hudson Holmes

2019 6-Hour at Nabiac

Free entry to the 2020 Transmoto 6-Hour at Nabiac (June 27-28): Alex Cook
Transmoto apparel pack: Greg Hill

2019 6-Hour at Conondale

Free entry to the 2020 Transmoto 6-Hour at Conondale (July 25-26): Harley Steed
Transmoto apparel pack: Aaron Smith

2019 8-Hour at Wangaratta

Free entry to the 2020 Transmoto 8-Hour at Wangaratta (August 22-23): Mathew Cooper
Transmoto apparel pack: Darcy Latham

2019 8-Hour at Stroud

Free entry to the 2020 Transmoto 8-Hour at Stroud (October 10-11): Jase Akers
Transmoto apparel pack: Tate Viner

2019 12-Hour at Batemans Bay

Free entry to the 2020 Transmoto 12-Hour at Batemans Bay (Oct 31-Nov 1): Stan Dale
Transmoto apparel pack: Neil Cherrett

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