Transmoto 6-Hour Nabiac: Image Gallery

3 months ago | Photos: OK Photo, Salvatore Aloisio

Feast your eyes on our first pictorial snapshot of what went down at the inaugural Transmoto 6-Hour at Nabia, powered by Husqvarna.
For those who couldn’t make it to the Nabiac 6-Hour for 2019, here is an insight into what you missed out on. And for those who were there, you might be able to spot yourself in a few photos from the event. You will be able to find all the photos from the 6-Hour at: photos.transmoto.com.au

450 riders (plus pit crew) frothing on what’s to come.

Wizard-status beards, grown for the good cause of Melanoma detection. It’s the lads from Beard Season.

It was very cool to witness current MX Nationals MX1 points leader, Todd Waters, race his first-ever Transmoto Enduro Event.

The local Nabiac spread eagle.

“Stay in the pits, Dad. I got this”.

How many blokes does it take to get a bike off a ute? A lot more than it would if you brought a ramp…

Sunny Corner horns…

Or shakkas, brah?

The pre-race prep; make sure you didn’t rattle any bolts loose from the last ride.

Remember that beard, Ben Debono?

Well, the reigning and two-time Dakar champ, Toby Price, has kept it for himself.

And raised $2600 for Melanoma detection in doing so. Onya, boys!

Think you’ve got what it takes to sprint in your boots? Well, even if you don’t, it’s a barrel of laughs either way.

Arvos like these … what Nabiac is all about.

Who brought the marshmallows?

Rise and shine, it’s race time.

The toughest and maddest blokes in the biz, the caped Ironman riders.

This bloke definitely bleeds red.

How’s the line-up? “Not behd, good soize”.

Last-minute yarn before six hours of sand-braaaap.

And we’re off! Let’s get this done, fellas.

Attack positions.

Ready to pounce out of the corner.

The king of Send It, Sam Moore, had Toby Price for a teammate.

One lap down… many, many more to go for Todd Waters and his Chris Watson Motorsports team.

Even now we’re ‘all grown up’, we still want to play in the sand pit.

Even the camera guy can’t help himself; the stoke levels were very high.

From flowy, wide-open sandy sections, to tight singles, Nabiac had it all.

It’s like a beach without water; these whooped-out sections felt like you were on the high seas too.

Either send it or take it easy – you could ride as hard (or not) as you wanted.

Just make sure you put on a show for the boys around the pits.

That little sign that boosts your spirit for one last lap.

Scotty Keegan brings home the victory for the UniFilter team, as his teammates shower him in finish-line froth.

This is why they’re called Ironman riders. Robbie Byrnes shows us what riding solo for six hours does to your hands.

Celebration time for everyone that sent it past the chequered flag.

What an absolute cracker of a weekend. We already can’t wait to do it all over again in 2020. Cheers, Nabiac!

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