2019 Transmoto 12-Hour: Image Gallery

6 months ago | Words: Sal Aloisio | Photos: OK Photo, Salvatore Aloisio

Feast your eyes on our first pictorial snapshot of what went down at the ninth annual Transmoto 12-Hour at Batemans Bay, powered by Husqvarna.
For those who couldn’t make it to the 12-Hour for 2019, here is an insight into what you missed out on. And for those who were there, you might be able to spot yourself in a few photos from the event (you will be able to find all the photos from the event at photos.transmoto.com.au tomorrow).

600 legends of the 12-Hour.

‘Pitties’ get the… Schnittys?

Daniel “Chucky” Sanders will take any chance to smack his teammate, Fraser Higlett.

Gotta stay hydrated, right?

Bikes, beers and buddies … it doesn’t get much better than this.

Nothing like great company from your mates to get you fired up for 12 hours of shredding.

Time to warm up and get stoked!

These Ironman blokes are made of something else.

All smiles at the start line. Little do they know what they’re in for…

Get your cheeky shakkas in before you can’t lift your arms anymore.

Race your mates! And 597 other frothers.

“Smell that, love? Two-Stroke!” – Darryl Kerrigan

The ‘golden arches’.

How good’s setting up a pass on your mate?


Railin’ ruts and roostin’ dust.

The rare ‘crouching moto tiger’.

That feeling when you know someone’s behind you…

Me: “Oh cool, a water crossing!”
Brain: “Don’t bloody fall, don’t bloody fall, DON’T BLOODY FALL…”

Can’t get the fresh Alps Tech 7s wet.

Eyes on the prize.

Brad Hardaker on form.

There’s always that one character who has to fill you in at every water crossing.

“Just needed to give the legs a good stretch…”

Mind your head!

Coming in for the kill.

“I’m drenched with sweat; might as well send it”

“Oi, do a mad dog, ya wheelie!”

Champagne’s overrated. Beer’s better!

Outright winners, KTM Enduro.

How good’s mateship?

Crackin’ a Young Henrys frothy after 12 hours.

How good’s the beard? More like an air filter for your mouth.

The face of 12 hours in the dust.

Thanks for everyone that came along! It’s bloody awesome to see just how big the Transmoto family has grown over the years. We can’t wait to see you all at the next one.

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