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2018 #Transmoto8Hour Image Gallery

9 months ago

It’s always awesome scrolling through Instagram a week after an event and seeing how many of you are posting your photos from the weekend at the Transmoto 8-Hour @ Bright powered by Husqvarna. So we’ve picked the standout images and videos (which used the hashtag: #transmoto8hour) to generate this revealing gallery.

Heading to #transmoto8hour. Wish me luck!

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Off and Racing! #transmoto8hour #bright #victoria #husqvarna #te300i

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✊🏼✊🏼TEAM SHUSKY ✊🏼✊🏼 Honored to have made some memories I’ll never forget with these two champions. A few low moments of complete exhaustion but so many high’s! We never quit, we fought hard on our way to completing the @transmoto 8hour in Bright with 13 laps. Learnt so much, banged bars with the pros, crashed the bike a lot, spewed in my helmet on the last lap but have never felt the type of satisfaction I have now. Bike never missed a beat and now walking is a serious challenge. Can not wait to do it again! All new respect for the pro riders and Ironman class. #transmoto8hour #transmoto #enduro #sherco #husky #makesshusky #braaap #tastyrums #mates #motos #memories #holditon #sendit #thisislivin #4stroke #2stroke #livinthedream #ironmanclass2020 @craig_belsar24 @lachmclean_ 🤪👏🏼✊🏼✊🏼💀💀💀😀

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