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2018 Transmoto 6-Hour: Results

1 month ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Donat O'Kelly

Bluebird skies, glorious grasstrack, challenging trails, and blazing westerly winds  … yep, Conondale’s Green park turned it on again for the third annual running of the Transmoto 6-Hour, powered by Husqvarna, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Bathed in good vibes, more than 160 teams and 400 riders took part in what was a memorable weekend. For many, the 6-Hour is all about the fun-factor and simply completing the event, rather than their finishing position. Just for the record, though, here’s who placed where in the Outright, Class and Team Categories…


1st – Jack Heffernan
2nd – Jason Larsen
3rd – Jordan Atkinson


1st – Top Dogs: Todd Christie, Jack Judge
2nd – Sending It: Kadin Ballard, Jordan Ryan
3rd – Ultimate KTM Gold Coast Pair: Martin Adams, Cameron Binstead


1st – MPE Suspension: Casey Treasure, Kaleb Treasure, Jaiden Treasure
2nd – The Old Kids: Matty Macalpine, Scott Saul, Matt Keipert
3rd – Here For The Beers: Brady Pascoe, Ben D’arcy, Hayden Conroy


1st – MPE Husqvarna Motorcycles: Tom Kruger, Mitchell Dark, Declan Baericke
2nd – Bundaberg Bushchooks: Brandan Shelton, Lachlan McLennan, Guy Weller


1st – Hook Line & Sinker: Whitney Webb, Paul Vukosavljevic, Josh Kilvington
2nd – Uni Filter: Jemma Wilson, Jon Webb, Steven Monk
3rd – Last Minute Punters: Mal Dalton, Jason Schafer, Taryn Cox


1st – Crusty Frothers: John Baker, Ian Jenner, Gordon McQueen
2nd – The Average Joes: Gary Brewster, Nicholas Ellis, Brian Barlin
3rd – Menopause: Gary Brownrigg, Darren Smart, Jim Crooks


1st – The Three Amigo’s’: Mal Hunter, Brett Savage, Brian McMahon

TEAM – Wonder Women

1st – 3 Gems: Zoe Boccari, Ebony Nielsen, Melissa Jaques
2nd – Barnsey’s Orange Angels: Tamara Grey, Naomi Carlson, Rosie Lalonde


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