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2017 KTM 250EXC: 5 Best Mods

7 months ago | Words: Jarrad Duffy | Photos: Jarrad Duffy

Having now lived with KTM’s 2017-model 250EXC for 10 months, we reckon we have a pretty good handle on the new-generation machine and how it can be improved. In no particular order, here are our five best bang-for-buck mods for the bike:

1. Map Selector Switch – RRP $180

Map selector switches aren’t a common accessory you fit on a two-stroke. Mainly because the power curve nature isn’t as easily controllable as a modern four-stroke with EFI. But, in saying that, this KTM PowerParts Map Selector Switch does come into play when you are presented with a slippery hill-climb or greasy grasstrack. Simply switching from Map 1 to Map 2 on the fly with your left thumb gives you the flexibility of retarding the power just enough to tame down the initial hit, making the machine more predictable and controllable in slippery conditions. You could even say it smoothens out the bottom end power, similar to the characteristics of a 300EXC, so for an RRP of just $180, we think this mod is well worth the investment.

2. Carbon Pipe Guard – RRP $270

Everyone knows denting or smashing an expansion chamber on a log or rock is never fun, but it’s one of those things that just happens sometimes. To help safeguard the pipe on our 250 project bike we fitted a KTM PowerParts Carbon Pipe Guard. This thing as pretty damn strong. We gave this lightweight guard a good workout with just over 55 hours run time in the bush. And it didn’t disappoint. It kept the standard expansion chamber in good condition and kept the bike looking sweet with a ‘factory’ carbon style. On a maintenance side of things, it is worth noting that it helps to remove the guard and clean the expansion chamber after every ride or two because it is a bit of a dirt catcher.

3. Seat Cover – RRP $125

The standard seat cover that the Kato came with was great in dry conditions but as soon as we went through a creek crossing or rode in the wet it became quite slippery. That’s why we fitted a KTM PowerParts Factory Seat Cover. This seat cover has transversely stitched ribs to stop your butt from sliding all over the place. Plus, who doesn’t like the factory blue finish over the standard black?

4. Skid Plate – RRP $180

The bike does come with a standard thinner plastic skid plate that is great for grasstracking and basic trailriding, but if you’re after a little more protection like us, AXP Racing’s XTREM Skid Plate is a great alternative. It gives the frame’s tube complete coverage, is made up of an 8mm thick polyethylene that produces zero rattling noises and is 40% lighter than aluminium. This skid plate allows you to absorb heavy impacts without being worried about the state of your frame and engine cases.

5. Swingarm Guards – RRP $90

There is always some kind of trend getting around in the moto industry. At the moment it’s powder coating swingarms, frames, engine cases – you name it. KTM offers these sweet PowereParts Swingarm Guards that not only look good but they protect your swingarm in deep gnarly ruts and when you accidentally come off on a rock shelf. They can be a little tricky to fit, fixed to the swingarm with two discreetly hidden cable ties. Also, it’s worth noting you should remove the guards after every couple of rides to let the swingarm drain. Overall for an RRP of $90 we believe this mod gives you extra street cred plus that extra bit of protection.

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