Queensland Moto Park – now open!

3 years ago
Pics: iKaptureTake a look at our 2011 TM test where the Transmoto Testers get a hold of the EN144, EN250, EN300 and EN450Fi and see what the new range has to offer.

Italian Flair: Transmoto Issue 7 Extras

Has Italian manufacturer TM created an enduro range good enough to move the brand from boutique to mainstream? We tested TM's 2011 EN144, EN250, EN300 and EN450 to find out how each bike sized up after a day in our testers' hands. Pick up Transmoto Issue 7 to find out all the details as we point out the good, the bad and the great!

Italian Flair Openner
Transmoto Issue 7 Cover

Transmoto Issue 7
On-Sale February 16 to March 22

Chocked full of goodies...

  • Dakar Pictorial
  • Chad Reed's Ride
  • 10 Best Bike Buys
  • Tested: 2011 TMs
  • How to: Jumping
  • Silver City Slickers
  • Coming to America

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