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X-Trainer 300: Now Beta’s Biggest-Selling Model

7 months ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Beta Motorcycles Australia

Here in Australia, and in several other countries around the world, a 300cc two-stroke is now the biggest-selling enduro model for all five brands that produce one: Beta, KTM, Husqvarna, Sherco and GasGas. Which kind of begs the question: why is Beta the only one of these manufacturers that offers a lower, rider-friendly, detuned version of their hardnosed enduro machine?

Now in its seventh year of production, Beta’s X-Trainer 300 is designed to be a cost-effective ‘stepping-stone’ machine for those who don’t want or need a seriously equipped enduro weapon, or aren’t quite ready for one. According to Beta’s PR, however, their X-Trainer is not aimed only at inexperienced riders. Instead, they claim, “It’s an entry-level off-road bike that appeals to many different riding abilities, including new off-road riders who like to ride trails, as well as more experienced riders for extreme terrain.”

Last year, along with its enduro (RR model) cousins, Beta’s 2020 X-Trainer 300 came in for a complete revamp; receiving a counter-balanced engine, updates to the bodywork and chassis, a lower seat height, oil injection, and a host of other changes. For 2021, it only gets a fresh set of graphics. But seeing as the X-Trainer has now taken over its RR300 cousin as Beta’s biggest-selling model in Australia, let’s revisit what it is about this machine that’s proving so attractive.

According to Beta’s PR, “The mix of ingredients remains what has made this model the most innovative motorcycle in the segment in recent years and the ideal tool for making a versatile enduro bike. The X-Trainer’s outstanding qualities – such as excellent engine response and top-notch rideability – provides high performance, while at same time being easy to handle, ensuring riders of all levels can ride confidently through whatever the situation demands. And this is why the 2021 X-Trainer is also the best bike available for all those who want to enter the world of Extreme Enduro.”

The PR then goes on to summarise those ingredients:

  • Power delivery: Pliable and linear, making it extremely rider-friendly. The countershaft reduces vibration, increases inertia and creates a smoother power curve. This enhances the bike’s rideability through the entire power band.
  • Beta Progressive Power-Valve: Allows excellent engine performance throughout the rev range, thanks to easy external adjustment,
  • Seat height: Lowered to 910mm (compared to 930mm on the RR range) for greater confidence in all riding conditions.
  • Low weight: Just 98kg, ensuring an agile and intuitive ride, even for newcomers.
  • Automatic oil injection: Eliminates the need for a fuel/oil pre-mix.
  • Soft tyres: Ensuring better grip in any terrain.
  • Mapping selector: Offers ‘Sun’ (full power) and ‘Rain’ (reduced power) modes at the flick of a bar-mounted switch.

So, who exactly is buying the X-Trainer here in Oz, and why? As Patrick Lowry, Managing Director of Lowry Australia, who has now distributed Beta Motorcycles in Australia for a couple of years, explains, “We know that the customers who buy the X-Trainer are generally older and/or getting back into bikes. And a lot of women also buy them. I think the model does help introduce Beta to consumers, but there’s definitely good demand for this enduro bike segment in its own right. For someone who doesn’t want an enduro bike that’s as seriously equipped as our RR models, the X-Trainer is an obvious, cost-effective choice.” The 2021 X-Trainer 300 is expected to arrive in Australian Beta dealers during August. Recommended retail price is yet to be announced, though (given the pricing of Beta’s RR models is unchanged for 2021) we’d expect the price tag on the 2021 X-Trainer to be close to its predecessor’s super-sharp $10,995 (+ORC). Which is around two grand cheaper than Beta’s full-blown enduro weapon, the 2021 RR300.

Check out our review of the 2019-model X-Trainer 300

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