WP XPLOR Pro Suspension: What is it & Should You Upgrade? Part 2/2

2 months ago

The WP suspension package on Husqvana’s 2020 enduro range uses a very different set-up philosophy from its predecessors. The XPLOR fork runs much softer spring rates, coupled with significantly firmer compression damping, while the WP XACT shock absorber is all new and designed to match the 2020 models’ move back to the MX-spec rising-rate linkage.

But does this new set-up deliver a better ride this year? And how much can the suspension performance be improved by fitting WP’s new high-performance aftermarket XPLOR Pro fork and shock? To answer those questions, we put WP’s standard and XPLOR Pro suspension packages back-to-back for two days’ testing, using two 2020-model Husqvarna FE350s.

As all WP XPLOR Pro forks and shocks come set up with spring rates to suit the customer’s weight, the XPLOR Pro 7548 Fork and XPLOR Pro 8950 Supertrax Shock we tested were fitted with 4.4N/mm fork springs and a 45N/mm shock spring, respectively (this compares with the FE350’s standard fork and shock spring rates of 4.2N/mm and 42N/mm, respectively).

At $5200 and $3365, respectively, the XPLOR Pro fork and shock ain’t cheap. But then the performance difference between standard and Pro componentry is significant – not only in the action of the suspension components themselves, but also in the way they affect the bike’s chassis balance, and how it steers into, through and out of turns.

Check out what each of our test riders had to say about WP’s XPLOR Pro fork and shock absorber…

Missed part 1? You can check it out below…

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