The People Steering ProMX – MA & AMG

2 weeks ago | Words: Andy Wigan | Photos: Motorcycling Australia

The recent announcement from Motorcycling Australia (MA) about its plans to reboot and rebrand the Australian Motocross Championship for 2021 under the “ProMX” banner was certainly welcome news. But who exactly is involved in steering the national MX championship in a new direction from next year? Recent PR from MA helped clarify that…

Motorcycling Australia (MA) welcomes new industry body – Australian Motocross Group (AMG) – who will work closely with MA and form part of the ProMX Management Team to help grow Motocross in Australia.

AMG was recently launched by long-time team owner and MA Motocross Commissioner, Mark Luksich; MX legend and CDR Yamaha Monster Energy team owner, Craig Dack; Serco Motorsport’s Gavin Eales; and Penrite Honda Racing’s Yarrive Konsky. AMG will be a part of the seven-member ProMX Management Team that will drive the strategic planning of ProMX for 2021 and beyond.

MA CEO Peter Doyle said the inclusion of AMG into the ProMX Management Team was a key step in ensuring industry, professional and privateer riders and teams have a voice and are represented, giving all parties a channel of communication direct to the sport’s national controlling body.

“It’s great to have industry and teams represented as part of our management team to ensure we can collectively and collaboratively grow the sport of motocross in Australia. And with representation from AMG, we have that wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon,” Mr Doyle said.

Let’s also hear directly from each of the four guys involved with AMG…

CRAIG DACK – the driving force behind the formation of AMG:
“All of us at AMG are in the business of racing and it goes without saying we want the sport to realise its full potential. Developing a partnership between MA and AMG is the best thing moving forward for our sport, as the sport needs greater alignment to ensure we are all moving in the same direction, which will give us strength. We all have a vested interest in the sport’s future and I believe AMG has a significant place in the sport, as riders, racers and teams all need a voice.”

YARRIVE KONSKY – long-time race team owner and event promoter:
“This will be the singlemost important development in our sport. AMG has come together with the right mindset, as racing rivalries have been put aside in order to improve the sport’s reach and increase participation. Everyone in AMG has raced as privateers and all of us have developed business interests in the sport, so it’s in our best interest to see the sport become even more accessible for privateers to participate in, with safety, fun and cost as key points.”

GAVIN EALES – MD of Serco, motorcycle hard parts and accessory importer:
“Our sport needs unification to give it greater credibility within the industry, along with local, state and national governments and the wider mainstream community. The four of us coming together to form AMG shows our commitment for a unified front. Commercially, the off-road motorcycle industry is doing well at the moment despite the challenges of COVID-19, and we need to leverage the current success we are experiencing and get more people competing in motocross.”

MARK LUKSICH – Race team owner and longtime Chairman of Motorcycling Australia’s National Motocross Commission:
“Having previously chaired MA’s Motocross Commission, I can see the importance of having a group like AMG involved at the highest levels of the sport. AMG is dedicated to racing, riders, and the teams, and by working closely with MA, we plan to bring our experience and passion to assist in making the sport a stronger platform for all involved.”

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