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2 months ago | Words: Salvatore Aloisio | Photos: Jarrad Duffy, Salvatore Aloisio

A product the Transmoto team has tried, tested and would recommend to a mate.


The Radial is an all-new mid-market price point boot that was released by Thor earlier this year. For Thor’s design team, the Radial’s concept was simple: to complement their entry-level ‘Blitz’ boot by creating a higher-quality model with premium materials and performance, at a price that won’t leave you living off two-minute noodles for the rest of the month. The Radial Boot is aimed to appeal to riders whose abilities – and what they require from their boots – have progressed beyond the Blitz model’s capabilities.


  • Hinge’ – These boots inherited their name from the  ‘Radial Hinge’ that’s used to manage ankle flex in a structured way, and the design works really well. It offers great lateral (side to side) rigidity, but allows the boot to pivot through the radial (fore and aft) plane. And that gives your ankle significantly more protection. It also means wear-in time is minimal. Yep, these boots offer great feel straight out of the box.
  • Safety Features – The built-in hyperextension lockout point on the rear of the boot means you’re not going to be snapping your ankles backwards. The injection-moulded medial abrasion plate on the outside of the boot offers great deflection protection against trees and rocks. And the pre-curved injection-moulded components are well-positioned to offer protection without compromising flex and feel where it’s required.
  • Comfort – The fit is-super snug around your calf and ankle and the mesh liner eliminates any internal abrasive points. The toe-box is a bit laterally roomier than average – definitely a plus if you have a wider footprint – but remains low-profile so it’s easy to get under the gearshift lever. The boot-top is wide enough to accommodate kneebraces, but has plenty of adjustment to ensure it still fits snugly if you don’t wear braces or guards. And/or have chicken legs
  • Slim profile – The inner calf area design is flat and slim, and its synthetic rubber calf overlay gives your legs plenty of grip against the bike’s frame. This streamlined contact point with the bike also makes it easy to get your toes under/over the controls when you need to.
  • Buckles – In spite of our initial scepticism about the three-buckle system (as most boots use four), it has proved super-simple and effective. They make strapping in and out of the boots quick and easy, and offer plenty of adjustment. The buckles are also nice and flush, which (along with the injection-moulded deflector in front of the lower buckle) minimises the risk of the buckles snagging on trail debris.
  • Durability – After flogging a pair of Radial boots in a cross-section of typical Aussie terrain for months, the only sign of wear on the things is a couple of small cosmetic scuff marks (and that’s in spite of my lazy arse not washing them too often!). These things are made to be robust and don’t need to be pampered. The sole also appears to be standing up well to lots of sharp-peg abuse. And if you do wear the things out, replaceable sole inserts are available.


  • Heel – The combination of the moulded sole and internal footbed shape makes your heel sit a little higher than average in the Radial boot. It’s not radically different, but it does take a little getting used to when you first wear them.
  • Colour Options – Call us picky, but we reckon Thor could up their colourway game. They currently only offer the Radial in White, Black, Black/Red, and Orange/Yellow. Then again, who knows what they might bring out in the new season?


With several features generally found only on higher-end boots, the new Radial Boot from Thor offers great value for money for intermediate-level riders, or for those getting into the sport and want their boots to last and accommodate their improving abilities.

Price & Availability

RRP: $399.95.

Check out the Gas Imports dealer locator for your nearest Thor outlet

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