Reviewed: Scott Prospect Goggle

6 months ago | Words: Jarrad Duffy | Photos: Salvatore Aloisio, Jarrad Duffy

A product the Transmoto team has tried, tested and would recommend to a mate.


The Prospect google is Scott’s top-of-the-line model that was first introduced in 2016. The Prospect was designed to incorporate a wide field of view with a quick-change lens-locking system, a super-functional roll-off set-up, and a wide range of lens options – clear, mirrored, ‘WFS50’ roll-off system, light-sensitive, dual-layer ‘enduro’, just to name a few. For 2020, Scott has updated the Prospect by fitting an all-new three-layer face foam, which is designed to better manage sweat.



  • Versatility: The Prospect’s design allows you to start with a standard google and then build it up and/or modify it for the riding conditions. This means you can get by with a couple of different lenses and a roll-off system, instead of multiple sets of goggles. And that means it’s more cost-effective and uses less room in your gearbag.
  • Comfort: The all-new three-layer face foam (which comes with a series of little dimples in it) wicks away sweat noticeably better than its predecessor did, and yet it still allows the goggle to conform to your face really well.
  • Outrigger System: The articulated, pivoting outrigger design lets the goggle adapt to a wide range of helmet eyeports. Plus, because the outriggers sit over the canisters, they still fulfil their primary job of pushing the goggles back against your face for a complete and consistent seal, and offer a little extra roost protection for the canisters themselves.
  • No Fogging: The lens’ anti-fog treatment means they resist fogging much better than most single-layer lens goggles. And the Prospect’s dual-layer ‘enduro’ lens does an incredible job of preventing fogging, which is what they’re specifically designed to do.
  • Strap: The entire goggle’s design is aggressive and modern-looking, and the 50mm wide strap ensures it stays glued to your lid.
  • Roll-offs: The WFS50 (Works Film System) roll-off kit ($60) is a tool-free fitment to the additional clear lens that comes with your google. Which means there’s no need to remove outrigger arms to fit and remove roll-off canisters. Simply fit the canister over the lens’s lugs and press the red plastic tabs down with your finger. Plus, there are ingenious tabs at either end of the ‘Mud Flap’ that minimise crap getting between the film and lens. We also liked the fact the front of the roll-off canisters are coloured (for looks) and semi-translucent at the rear so you can see how much film is left on the installed roll.
  • Options: With 11 different frame colour options and limited-edition designs being released a couple times a year, it’s hard not to find a colourway you like.


  • The WFS50 roll-off system’s mylar base-layer (the two rectangular shapes between the lens and roll-off film, designed to prevent the film from sticking) is a great idea. The vertical centrepiece doesn’t distract you, but the lower edge can when you’re looking down. In slow-going trail, it can distort your vision slightly and make it feel like there’s a bump near your front wheel when there actually isn’t.
  • The four-pin quick-release lens-lock system works perfectly when the goggle is new, but after a few months of frequent use, the system can get a bit stiff. It just takes more elbow grease (or a dab of lube) and patience to change a lens.

Scott’s Prospect Goggle is modern, packed full of practical features, comes with an excellent quality of finish and roll-off system, and has a wide range of frame colours, lenses and accessories. And yet, with an RRP starting at $140, they’re very sharply priced in comparison to most other top-of-the-line goggles on the market. That makes them a great, versatile choice, whether you’re into MX, off-road, rally or adventure riding.


$140 (standard goggle); $160 (WFS roll-off google); $60 (WFS roll-off system); $20-$60 (lenses) // www.ficeda.com.au

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