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Review: Troy Lee Designs Adventure Gear

2 years ago | Words: Andy Wigan

A product the Transmoto team has tried, tested and would recommend to a mate.


It’s the Radius jacket and pant from Troy Lee Designs’ expanding range of adventure/enduro/off-road
riding gear.


TLD’s all-new Radius jacket and pant are eye-catching. Smart, stylish, practical gear is always welcomed by adventure riders, and you can tell that Troy has added his personal touch to ensure this new line of off-road gear holds its own against the brand’s predominantly race-orientated threads. The first feature we liked right away with the Radius pant is that they tuck nicely inside the boot, which is rare for adventure duds. That makes them more streamlined and comfortable than most adventure pants, and yet they still come with the key features adventure riders like – things such as Kevlar-padded knees; full-length leather inner leg burn panel for added durability and protection; zippered front vent panels for extra airflow on hot days; solid denier oxford polyester construction and butt panel to handle multiple days in the saddle; large integrated cargo pockets for storage; and several stretch panels for optimal fit and function.

Like the pant, the TLD Radius jacket is also streamlined and feels immediately comfortable. There aren’t too many bulky pockets, but just enough in the right places to store the items an adventure rider will need. We also liked the solid Velcro wrist closures, the waterproof zippered breast storage pocket, and the tough, water-resistant oxford polyester reflective material that helps illuminate the rider. The TLD Radius jacket also comes with lined hand-warmer pockets, zippered air vents, padded shoulder and elbow panels for added protection, and the sleeves are removable (and can be stored in the rear storage pocket).
This Radius gear is well designed and durable and, priced more aggressively than many of its rivals, offers excellent value for money.


You can pick up a set of the gear for $254.95 (jacket) and $319.95 (pant) from www.lustyindustries.com.

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