Review: Spy Foundation Goggle

2 months ago | Words: Jarrad Duffy, Matt Prott | Photos: Jarrad Duffy, Tom Leach

A product the Transmoto team has tried, tested and would recommend to a mate.


Earlier this year, Spy released its brand new Foundation goggle – perhaps their most advanced goggle to date. Spy really went to town on the Foundation, leaving nothing behind and only adding the good stuff. With claims to have the “widest peripheral view on the market”, on top of a shed-load of other features. After putting them through the ringer for a few months, here’s what we think of them.



  • Comfort – Spy’s triple-layer Isotron face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece makes goggles very comfortable against your face. It creates a soft yet tight fit, which stops dirt and mud from getting inside the goggle. Plus, the foam soaked up sweat well on hot days. The wide frame design with outriggers provides room to fit in a wide range of helmets – such as the 6D ATR-2, Fox V3, Shoei EVO, Bell Moto-9 Flex.
  • Lens – The goggle’s peripheral vision is excellent. It isn’t noticeably wider than another other goggles on the market (as Spy is claiming), but it definitely doesn’t restrict your view. Nor is so wide that it starts to distort your vision. The lens tint on the McGrath signature model works well at adjusting in shadows and low-light creekbeds, singletrack, as well as in over-exposed sand dunes and grasstracks. And it’s exceptional for riding on dusk, allowing us to keep the goggle on longer into the afternoon.
  • Nose guard – The nose guard is compact and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. This helps with fitment inside the helmet port and it’s very easy to take on and off. Plus, it’s got two vents that create extra airflow.
  • MC Signature model – Spy is one of only a few brands to release signature rider goggles. Everyone wants the opportunity to look like their idol and channel a bit of their ‘signature’ swagger.
  • Nifty Goggle Bag – Everything on this goggle has been thought out, even down to the goggle bag being a little bigger than standard bags. This makes it easier to put the goggle away after a big ride. The bag also has vents on one side to help air out the goggle while stored away in your gearbag.


  • Ventilation – The foundation boasts what Spy calls the ‘RISE’ ventilation system (which is designed to draw air through subframe vents above the goggle and in between your helmet) to create a vacuum that pulls hot air from behind the lens. This works very well on a motocross track, but when you are riding through a snotty trail, there is limited airflow. This can cause the goggle to fog, but it does clear up once you are back up to a cruising pace on the trail.

Since getting our hands on these goggles, Spy has released the Foundation CVS Roll-off System (a vital add-on in Oz, considering tear-offs are banned from most motocross tracks and are not permitted in enduro), so stay tuned for our feedback on how the roll-off system performs in the coming months.

PRICE & Availablity

$149.95 (Foundation goggle); $19.95 (replacement lens – Standard); $39.95 (replacement lens – tinted); Nine colourway options // www.gasimports.com.au

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