Q&A: What is Dust Hustle?

10 months ago | Words: Hughan Seary | Photos: MotorcyclePics, Brendan Schouten, Rachael Baskerville, Storm Lahiff

This has to be one of the coolest, wackiest, craziest, run-whatcha-brung events we have ever seen. ‘Dust Hustle’ is basically bringing goon paddock bashing to an official event, where you can show off all of your style. No matter what bike you ride, if you are brave or stupid enough to take it off-road, you are welcome. There are guys charging hard on Harleys, cruising on cafe racers, and even Toby Price made a dashing appearance on his Dakar bike last year. So dress up, put the knobbies on your bike (or don’t), and get out there and have some fun.

Why the heck is Dust Hustle so fun? 

It’s so fun because it reminds everyone of the first time they rode a motorcycle as a kid. It was kinda sketchy, they were probably riding with other people on different bikes and everyone was having a blast on whatever bike they had. With motorcycle development and racing being so much about the fastest, latest and greatest, we’re running the other direction with an event that encourages and celebrates the opposite.

Tell us about the different classes and people you attract?

The classes for Dust Hustle are all pretty loose and unfair, which is just the way we like it. There aren’t many events where Postie bike owners and Harley riders are both just as stoked to be a part of. Dust Hustle is about riding bikes, no matter what you ride, which is often lost these days. We guarantee no matter what you ride, you’ll probably be amused to find someone riding it at Dust Hustle.

1. Small Bike Burners – Previously the Clutchless Scooter & Postie class, this growing group is now open to any clutchless bikes PLUS other small bikes with clutches under 150cc. Get the Grom’s out and tear the tarp off the old farm bike because the small bore battle just got interesting. No two-stroke race bikes, they can get stuffed to the Enduro & MX class.
2. Risky Road Bike – A road bike that is road legal (or close to), your daily ride, a weekend tarmac warrior or highway cruiser. You never know where the skills you pick up here will help you. Plus it’s inappropriate, so possibly the most fun and impressive category. No supersport or forced induction bikes, unfortunately, mums (MOMS) orders.
3. Old Mates (Pre ’90) – Roll out the vintage and classic steeds; this pre-1990 only class is open to anything old and awesome. An eclectic mix of desert sleds and pan heads can opt to take part in this jalopy jive category. We hope there will be a number of $500 gumtree specials mixing it up in this category too.
4. Enduro & MX – A class for those who regularly like to get their ‘plumbs in the crumbs’. We’ll expect some interesting outfits in this group, just for some extra ‘spice’ on these mainstream machines. Non-registered bikes are accepted, with no limit on engine size. Open to any Enduro or MX bikes, old and new.

What tracks are operating at QMP?

We’ve got a couple of firsts and ‘specials’ up our sleeve for the Dust Hustle tracks at QMP. 2 of the 3 tracks are being made just for Dust Hustle 6, so no matter how many times you’ve been there we’ll have something new for you. Plus you’ll probably be on an inappropriate bike which will make your own driveway feel different.

1. “The Hollywood Hillbilly” Natural Terrain MX Track – This one’s your big boy. The ‘Hollywood’ makes use of the popular Natural Terrain motocross track at QMP but with the jumps rounded off so no one is crushed by a Harley. Elevation changes, ripe loam soil and big berms make this one radical track you won’t want to get off.
2. “The Decision Faker” Inappropriate Enduro – New to QMP, for part of this track you’ll have to ‘choose your own adventure’. Stick to the bottom section, try out the mini table tops or challenge yourself and head up the enduro hill. Took the wrong turn? Just fake it till you make it and watch out for merging traffic.
3. “The Holeshot Hero” Grass Track Drags – New to QMP, this is a special track developed only for Dust Hustle. Practice the throttle control and race starts for this one. Settle the scores with your fellow hustlers or simply decide who buys first at the bar.

What’s cool to check out for non-riders or weekend warriors keen to drop in and have a look?

We’re rounding up 200 of the most legendary muppets on mostly inappropriate machines to ride this event, what could be a better spectacle than that?. Ever seen road bikes duke it out on the dirt? Keen to watch some of the worst passing maneuvers on Postie bikes? Want to watch old bikes that are in no way race prepped get ridden within an inch of their lives (and beyond usually)?
If that’s not enough there’s a trackside bar by Sailor Jerry and Young Henrys, epic Fonzie Abbott coffee, a couple of gourmet food trucks and a trackside afterparty Saturday night.

Quick info? (Key points about the event)

Keen to check it out? Yeah, you are.
Dust Hustle 6: Qld Moto Park
When: Saturday 21 April 2018
Time: 8:00am-10:00pm (Riding 9:00am-4:00pm)
Where: Qld Moto Park, Goan Road, Coulson, Qld 4310
Riders: $125 (includes camping), buy online only at www.dusthustle.com
Spectators: $5 (kids u16 free) and spectator camping $10 per person per night (buy spectator tickets and camping at the event).

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