🎥 Pushing An E-Bike To The Edge

5 months ago | Words: [R]evolution + [E]volution Magazine

We’ve joined forces with Australia’s foremost authority when it comes to MTBs/e-bikes, [R]evolution + [E]volution Magazine, to show you why you should be frothing at the bit for an e-bike, and to understand how these things really work. But in today’s instalment of “what the hell goes on in the e-bike world,” we have Ethan Nell here to show us what an e-bike is actually capable of. This will kill your misconception that these things are only good for getting fat people to the top of a hill.
Take it away, boys…

If there’s an easier way to get back up Utah’s red cliffs than pushing, you’d take it! Ethan Nell ain’t slowing down after an epic Rampage campaign this year, switching it up (and on) in the desert and sends his home trails on YT’s Decoy eBike. He definitely ain’t afraid of dropping it into some gnarly lines, or pedalling it back up to do it again…

“The DECOY is a beast! I was blown away. It feels just like a CAPRA and turns lame, flat trails into fast and flowy jump trails. My go-to bike will always be my TUES, but if I go on a trailride, the DECOY is what gets loaded into the truck.” – Ethan Nell

You can keep up to date with everything there is to know about e-Mountain Bikes at revolutionmtb.com.au and their epic magazine, which features loads of interesting stories and interviews.

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