Park Custom Fingered FMX Jam #2

6 days ago | Words: Justin Bush | Photos: JL Photography

The dirt was dumped once again and the Fishfingered crew moved the ramps into place for yet another Park Custom Fingered FMX Jam. Everything was looking the goods with a line-up of riders from old-school to new underground ramp rats.
With a $5000 prize pool and an FMX Jam-style format – where riders take on two 25-min sessions then voted on style, execution, and entertainment value – you know the crew were going to come out swinging … and they did.

In testing conditions due to a strong cross-wind, and riders due to have two jams fitting into the program of the day, we made the decision to just ride when ya want how ya want, with all riders throwing down from the get-go. Leading the charge was Lance Russell and Dylan McDonald with both riders turning the joint inside out. Chucky Norris rode smart and smooth all day, along with some underground rippers in the likes of Trav Gelf and Benny Richards who did not stop riding putting on a great display of dirt bike skills.
The pit bike maniacs kept the crowd on the froth blasting through the steep ‘n’ deep stutters and off the kickers.

Special mention to the greatest dirt bike entertainer, Stuy (AKA ‘Alan’ from AF Clothing), who sent his YZ65 once again into one-handed Pancakes and Cartwheels. In the end, it was the style and relentless stoke of Dylon McDonald who took the win, with Lance Russell taking out Best Whip and BJ Kelly keeping it all tidy for the 50 crew.
Thanks to all riders involved and the rest of the ratbags who once again made yet another Fingered Jam a memorable one.

Images courtesy of JL Photography.

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